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19 People Share How They Turned Devilishly Attractive, and We Want to Know Their Secrets

Whoever has gone through the “not-so-attractive” phase, raise your hand. The truth is that the vast majority of people have had an unpleasant period in their life. However, it is a passing phase that almost everyone manages to overcome. Then, there is a day that comes when the “swan” comes out of its hiding place to present itself to the world. And this is exactly what happened to these Reddit users who displayed their “before and after” photos in a thread.

At Bright Side we were left speechless as we saw the changes these people experienced in just a few short years. If you don’t believe this can happen, just take a look at the following selection of photos.

1. “My first year of high school vs My first year after college. Crazy what a beard and some self-care can do to a guy.”

2. “13-19. That was my favorite shirt + shorts combo back then.... T-shirts + shorts/skirts are still my fav but I’ve got a better sense of style at least... Still so much growing to do!”

3. “My dad, age 14-16, circa 1955-1957”

4. “16 to 20, junior year of high school to junior year of college”

5. “From potato to a little less potato (2013 — 2020)”

6. “13-23-33. Only took me 30 years to glow up.”

7. “(17?-29) Still a massive nerd :^)”

8. “11 to 23 — I secretly love that I wasn’t a cute kid, so that way now I have such a glow up 😅.”

9. “18th birthday to 20th birthday of a good friend of mine who allowed me to post here.”

10. “15 to 32. Been quite the journey!”

11. “There’s hope for all of us!”

12. “2013-2020 I am honestly astonished at the difference in myself”

13. “19 to 26. More of a mentality change than anything. I struggled with thinking so lowly of myself due to comparing myself to other people in various ways. I’m not there yet with the confidence, but I’m working on it.”

14. “Progress over the last 6 months, still a long way to go, but I can definitely see a change.”

15. “10 to 32... If I could go back to my baby self, I’d give her the biggest hug ever and tell her to learn to love herself first and all else will follow. And that she deserves more than she could ever imagine. ❤️”

16. “14 -> 24 Took 10 years to learn how to smile and do my hair.”

17. “(18 to 22) I don’t recognize my past self.”

18. “8 and 19, never thought it would work out for me.”

19. “I used to be a fat little Goth boy. Now I’m a fit Goth boy.”

How have you or your friends changed over the years? Show us your transformations in the comments.

Preview photo credit acamu5x / Reddit
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