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20+ Celebs Whose Sense of Humor Is Sharper Than a Knife

Not all celebs stay low-key on social media. Many choose to share their social events or their most precious possessions on their public accounts. But there are also some celebrities who use their social profiles to showcase their amazing sense of humor, like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman roasting each other, or Will Smith swapping his face with his wife’s.

So today, Bright Side is bringing forth a list of celebrities who should consider adding “comedian” to their resume — because why not?

1. Richard Marx got his priorities sorted.

2. “Jared Leto vibes today” — Courteney Cox

3. Hands down the best Twitter bio ever!

4. Chrissy Teigen is the queen of humor.

5. James Blunt being blunt

6. When Kat woke her cat up

7. Conan O’Brien dropping some truth bombs

8. Shawn Mendes is basically all of us.

9. Mark Ruffalo knows best when it comes to modesty.

10. Shaquille O’Neal made the best use of the pun on his Twitter bio.

11. Amy Schumer is a funny Potterhead.

12. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” — Josh Brolin

13. “Haven’t changed a bit. Equally handsome. Equally smart. #10yearchallenge” — Brian Baumgartner

14. “Thanksgiving: expectation vs reality....” — Blake Lively

15. Anna Faris’ bio has its own style.

16. When Conan O’Brien and his son found other ways to be entertained:

17. When Conan also bought snozzberry wallpaper:

18. James Breakwell speaks on what every parent relates to.

19. Someone give Conan O’Brien the “Best Husband in the World” award.

20. Their bromance is perfectly depicted in their Twitter bios as well.

21. This list would be incomplete without Ryan Reynolds.

22. Someone swapped Will Smith’s face with his wife’s.

Which was your favorite post from the list above? Do you know more celebrities who have an amazing sense of humor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Richard Marx / Twitter