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20 People Who Escaped From the Cozy Couch Prison and Hit the Jackpot

Some people shed weight so impressively that they deserve a round of applause. These people surely know how to buckle down on their health and fitness. Have a look at these photos to get the motivation to change something in your life for the better.

We at Bright Side admire people who aren’t afraid of changes and are determined to reach their goals.

1. “Christmas 2018 vs Christmas 2020”

2. “It’s a freezing cold winter but I won’t put away my crop tops now that I’ve hit my goal weight.”

3. “Happy no matter what but happy and healthy is a nice bonus.”

4. We’re glad to see that he’s enjoying the new lifestyle.

5. “From food addict to fitness addict”

6. “Seeing the first photo was one of the things that sparked a lifestyle change!”

7. “Day to day, I don’t always see the changes, but then a pic like this pops up and I feel proud of how far I’ve come!”

8. “All bodies are good bodies. But seeing the evidence of my progress helps me feel accomplished!”

9. “There have been ups and downs to it, but I wouldn’t change even a moment!”

10. His “after” looks like a completely different person.

11. “It’s a lot of time and dedication and privilege to be able to do this.”

12. The frown to smile transformation is really awesome.

13. It’s transformative and inspirational.

14. “I was at the breaking point when I started. I couldn’t even tie my own shoes.”

15. “I’m so happy I finally stuck with it! I still have more to go but I know I’ll get there!”

16. Same place, 2 years and 130 lb apart

17. He looks amazing and we bet he feels tons better.

18. She looks great in both photos, but her look now is the best because of that smile.

19. “After 12 years of trying, this year finally made it possible.”

20. “I bet my friend that in 2020 I’d get fit.”

Have you gone through a transformation too? Or is there anything you’d like to change about yourself? We’d love to hear about it!

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