20 Times Celebs Wore Suits and Proved You Don’t Need a Dress to Turn Heads

We’re used to seeing celebrities walking down the red carpet wearing stunning ball gowns. But these stars decided to break the rules and sported power suits instead. They ended up looking as chic as usual, and we can’t decide what style flatters them the most.

We at Bright Side can’t take our eyes off of these gorgeous women who decided to ditch the dresses and rocked suits instead.

1. Jennifer Aniston

2. Julia Roberts

3. Elsie Fisher

4. Ellen Pompeo

5. Angelina Jolie

6. Madonna

7. Janelle Monae

8. Selena Gomez

9. Miley Cyrus

10. Taylor Swift

11. Evan Rachel Wood

12. Kirsten Dunst

13. Ashley Olsen

14. Christina Hendricks

15. Awkwafina

16. Kelly Rowland

17. Hailee Steinfeld

18. Zendaya

19. Solange

20. Princess Diana

Whose outfit impressed you the most? If you were invited to a red carpet event would you choose a dress or a suit?

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