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21 People Who Shared Their Little Moments That Became Paramount Memories

Trying on your mom’s wedding dress, meeting Keanu Reeves, or holding your grandson for the first time — all these things are just moments. But all of them are special ones. They often leave a warm feeling in your heart forever that can’t be bought for money.

We at Bright Side appreciate the little things that fulfill our lives and we found 21 unforgettable moments for you that Internet users have shared with us.

1. My completed wedding dress! It was my mom’s back in the ’80s and I had it transformed."

2. “Husband finds out that he’s having triplets!”

3. “I met Keanu last year! He is such a sweetheart.”

4. Today I found out that my Cirrhosis is gone after being told that would never be possible!"

5. “When your 5-year-old granddaughter tells you she loves you!”

6. “I found & returned a $17,000 ring while diving! The owner’s reaction almost made me cry!”

7. “A friend got married and his best man snuck into the first look.”

8. “After many heartbreaks and losses, my mom finally found her one true love.”

9. “I think he likes his new sister.”

10. “Maybe not as impressive as some other posters here, but here are the results after 3 grueling years of working with my body type.”

11. “Since my sister moved and took her cats with her, my nana has missed them terribly. Today we surprised her with a new best friend!”

12. “My brother married his Tinder match this summer. On their wedding day, he gave her a book of all their messages.”

13. “Family goes to adopt a cat and finds their missing dog.”

14. “One of my uncles didn’t think he was going to make it to my wedding. He was able to come in the end and we kept it a secret from my other uncle.”

15. Prom vs Wedding: The most memorable moments

16. “I see my 90-year-old grandma every weekend. She surprisingly loves the adult coloring book I got her.”

17. “Today my wife is officially under 200 lbs and I was finally able to do a chin-up for the first time in my life.”

18. “The first picture was when they were reunited in the hospital. The second one is just 2 crazy boys running around.”

19. “The moment when the first black hole image was processed.”

20. “My daughter was born on my grandfather’s 100th birthday and yesterday they ‘met’ for the first time.”

21. “My dad meeting my son for the first time yesterday. I’ve never seen my dad so happy. Feels real good, man.”

What was the most unforgettable moment in your life? Has anything good happened to you today?

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