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3 Brothers Make Halloween Outfits for Their Little Sister, and Their Bond Made Us Go “Aww”

Becoming a parent at the age of 45 with 3 grown-up sons can be a tricky business. But for the Schmidts, the unexpected arrival of little Avery was a sweet treat. Instead of tearing the family apart, her arrival brought them closer together and even helped them to start their own Halloween tradition.

We at Bright Side just adore families that celebrate life and would like to share their unique journey. Make sure that you check the charming bonus we have prepared for you.

How it all started

Patti and her husband, Larry, got married young and they had their 3 sons all in a row. But, after this period of pure joy, life decided to throw them a curveball. After their youngest son was born, they experienced several losses and were about to give up all hope. However, sometimes the greatest blessings come when they are least expected. At the age of 44, Patti became pregnant with Avery and the family of 6 became complete.

A special bond between siblings starts to grow

Larry, Patrick, and Gavin were 22, 20, and 16 when they discovered that they were having a little sister. The moment of the big announcement has become one of the most treasured moments for the family. The boys were initially surprised, as one would expect. However, once the shock wore off, they were thrilled.

Despite the significant age difference — nearly 17 years apart — the siblings have an unbreakable bond. They make sure they spend as much time together as possible and enjoy creating everlasting moments with their little sister. Whether it’s soaking up the sun while surfing, showing her how to play the guitar, or even having a make-believe tea party.

A new bewitching tradition is born

When Avery was just a baby, she loved being tossed up in the air by her big brothers. Patti had a photo series called #averyintheair and she thought it would be cute to do the costume version for Halloween. The family had so much fun creating 3 big costumes and a tiny one that they decided to keep going.

There is no special Halloween significance behind this tradition. Having busy schedules, it’s sometimes inconceivable to get everyone together. That’s why this Halloween series gives the Schmidt family the perfect excuse to let their creativity run wild and spend some quality time together.

Another reason why they do this is the overwhelming response they get from their followers. Loyal fans love looking at the pictures of Avery and her older brothers in funny costumes or the little girl wearing the same outfit as her mother did at the same age. And what about Avery dressed up like one of her favorite Disney characters? These uplifting images can definitely brighten our day.

What we’re all wondering right now is what superb photoshoot the family will prepare this year. We at Bright Side are truly excited to see what’s in store so make sure you visit Patti’s IG account this Halloween and get some cool ideas for your costumes.

BONUS: Which is Avery’s favorite brother? Let’s find out!

Which picture charmed its way into your heart? What special traditions do you have with your family?

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