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A Hungry Dog on a Train Made the Whole Internet Want to Feed It

Many studies proved that interactions with dogs cause the release of a hormone called the “cuddle chemical.” It’s no secret that having a dog makes everything feel better. Dogs give us safety and the feeling that life is greater and more complete. We all enjoy seeing and hearing about dogs, so when Ursula, the “mom” of 2 goldens, published a picture of her dog trying to steal chips, everyone went crazy for him.

At first, it seemed to be a typical train ride with her dog.

When Ursula Daphne Aitchison takes her dogs on outings, she likes to snap pictures of them in funny or unique stances or awkward outfits. That day, she was clumsily traveling with her gorgeous golden retriever, Huxley. But she had no idea what would happen in the next few seconds when she caught the funniest photographs of her dog, which rapidly went viral online.

Huxley initially looks to be staring innocently at Ursula’s prawn cocktail-flavored chips, just trying to do anything with his naive but adorable eyes.

In the first picture in the Instagram image carousel posted by Ursula, he is seen calmly gazing through the small space between the railway seats. Then, Huxley makes a clever move by simply poking his paw into the gap in the seats in an attempt to get the chips bag.

But it resulted in some adorable and comical photos.

Huxley persists, and as we scroll through his Instagram photos, we can see a change in his strategy to get the bag. Unlike the first images, the dog is no longer peaceful, and he can be seen in a more agitated mood, shoving his muzzle into the gap and exerting all of his effort to come as close as he can to the bag.

In the final scenes, Huxley is seen as serious about grabbing the package and using his doggy fangs. Before using his tongue, he tries to bend his snout closer. When even that attempt fails, the determined but unlucky dog grinds his teeth and continues on his way. Eventually, Huxley’s mission failed, and his efforts were in vain.

Although his mission was unsuccessful, he was able to win everyone’s heart.

Although his battle did not appear to end with a reward of a tasty bag of chips, he made hundreds of people smile and laugh. Over a thousand people have liked and commented on Ursula’s Instagram post, showing their support for his attempts to grab those chips.

Users across Twitter, including the brand’s snacks ambassador, have reposted the photographs. The posts led to many funny memes, proving how iconic Huxley is. Some have compared Huxley’s adorable, yet angry, expression to the “Here’s Johnny” moment from The Shining, while others have shared photographs of their cunning pups.

Have you ever caught your dog doing something wrong but extremely amusing?

Preview photo credit hugoandursula / Instagram
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