15 Designers That Know a Thing or 2 About Urban Design

Many cities invest a lot of money in their urban landscapes and public areas. Not only do they increase green areas, but they also create innovative sculptures and other structures. And that makes perfect sense if we take into consideration the fact that by 2050 about 68% of the population will be living in big cities. So, the prettier and greener our cities are, the better quality of life we’ll all have.

Bright Side searched and found 15 striking urban landscapes that you’ll feel tempted to visit.

1. A precious giant chick napping in Nantes

2. The majestic Infinite Bridge in Denmark

3. A celebration of nature from Atlanta’s botanical garden

4. Head sculptures lying in Les Jardins d’Etretat in France

5. A monument built by the Irish people

6. “Meet Røskva: a shy little troll, yet too young to be old.”

7. This is how tight we should be holding onto nature.

8. A fishnet sculpture floating above a Helsinki square

9. Dubai’s miracle garden is indeed breathtaking.

10. “Hey, is anyone in there?”

11. Let’s wrap our arms around a tree.

12. A tree dressed in crochet from top to bottom

13. Take a seat and enjoy a sunny London day.

14. Nature needs our support, and we owe her our full assistance.

15. Imagine how talented someone has to be to create something like this using sand.

Does your city happen to have any unique urban designs? If so, please share a photo with us.

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