10+ Actors Who Were Aged for a Role and Still Looked Stunning

year ago

In Hollywood, actors often undergo significant physical transformations to embody their characters on-screen. And when tasked with playing a character who is older than themselves, they managed to stun audiences not only with their looks but with their convincing portrayals as well. So sit tight and get ready for a wild ride down the rabbit hole of Hollywood magic.

1. Chris Hemsworth — Limitless

CJ Rivera/Everett Collection/East News, © chrishemsworth / Instagram, © chrishemsworth / Instagram

2. Mandy Moore — This Is Us

3. Cameron Britton — The Umbrella Academy

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/Broad Image/East News, © cameronbrittonh / Instagram

4. Russell Crowe — The Loudest Voice

5. Mahershala Ali — True Detective

7. Christian Bale — Vice

IMAGO/Faye Sadou/Imago Stock and People/East News, © Vice / Annapurna Pictures and co-producers

8. Chris Evans — Avengers: Endgame

9. Édgar Ramirez — American Crime Story

10. Beau Garrett — Firefly Lane

Which of these transformations do you think is the most convincing?

Preview photo credit CJ Rivera/Everett Collection/East News, chrishemsworth / Instagram


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