10 Beauty Products Dermatologists Recommend You to Stop Wasting Your Money On

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Whether we have seen a good commercial or a celebrity using a luxury beauty product, it tempts us to start spending money on it. However, dermatologists have a different view and knowledge that might astonish you, even when it comes to the most trendy products. Maybe the coconut oil or skin toner you buy is just not worth it.

We at Bright Side wanted to see if we were making a mistake with the products we are using and after our research, we are probably going to stop buying some of them.

1. Eye patches

They are trendy, but they only give temporary and not long-lasting effects. Also, you can only use them once, which makes them pricy too. It’s better to use a cream — it lasts longer and has more benefits.

2. Expensive face masks

Face masks work deeper into your skin, affect your pores, and allow your skin to soak up more of the ingredients. However, they might be really expensive and still have the immediate effect of a temporary glow or boost. Daily moisturizing and sunscreen can do a lot more and they aren’t that expensive.

3. Pure coconut oil

Even though coconut oil is a self-care product that many of us probably use, it only has a short term moisturizing effect. Later, in fact, it can clog your pores, especially if you are using pure coconut-based oils. These can be very problematic for skin that is prone to acne.

4. Pore strips

If you have clogged pores it’s most likely deep down in your skin and pore strips won’t help here. What you need is a deep cleaning.

5. Gel-based products

Gel-based products need to be used only for acne-prone and oily skin. If you are using gel products for dry skin you won’t get positive effects, they will dry out your skin even more.

6. Self-tanner

Maybe a self-tanner is the best choice when it comes to a healthier and safer way to get a tan, well compared to tanning beds and sun tanning. Still, one dermatologist says that it’s just an unhealthy obsession we have when it comes to changing our skin tone. She also adds that our natural skin is the healthiest and that we should think about that before trying to change it.

7. Toners

Toners might give you a nice and tingly sensation on your skin and can be good for exfoliation and removing oils. However, for most people, they are known to trigger irritation, itching, redness, and can even disrupt the skin’s barrier. The money we spend and the risk we take is just unnecessary.

8. Eye cream

Some eye creams can really hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes but there is no need to use a different product just for that. In fact, many dermatologists prefer to use the same cream they use for the face, hands, and neck.

9. Cellulite and stretch mark creams

According to a dermatologist, cellulite and stretch mark creams don’t work. They might temporarily mask them by causing inflammation of the skin. If you really want to work on your stretch marks and cellulite, it’s better to ask your doctor for medical procedures.

10. Beauty elixirs

beauty elixir has the power to make you feel mentally good instantly. However, it’s useless for skincare. It might calm your redness or hydrate your skin but the main point is for the fragrance to make you feel better.

Do you use any of the above products? What do you use for skincare? Were you let down by a luxury product before?


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never used eye patches because I don't see the point. They really seem not to work 🤔


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