10 Celebs Who Are Willing to Do Anything to Make Their Co-Star Comfortable

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According to research, actors experience higher levels of stress and anxiety than the average person, mostly due to how demanding their job is. That’s why some actors make sure to support their colleagues by backing them up or trying to make their day brighter in any way possible.

1. Jason Momoa

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Emilia Clarke was only 23 years old when she first starred in Game of Thrones, and she did not have many acting credits to her name. Jason Momoa knew that young actresses can feel uncomfortable while filming explicit scenes, and Clarke said that he made her feel safe on set by always being “kind and considerate.”

2. Viggo Mortensen

Mortensen is a big horse lover, and he, in fact, bought the horses that he rode in The Lord of the Rings. His enthusiasm for horses was shared by a stunt woman on set, and Mortensen noticed that his colleague had grown fond of one of the horses. So he purchased it for her as well.

3. Vin Diesel

The original script for The Fast of the Furious contained a storyline where Michelle Rodriguez’s character cheats on Vin Diesel’s character. The actress hated the thought of portraying a cheater on screen, so she was very upset by it. However, the storyline got removed after Vin Diesel noticed her crying and assured her that he “has her back.”

4. Edward Herrmann

Gilmore Girls was Alexis Bledel’s first role, and her fellow co-star Edward Herrman shared a lot of his knowledge with her. She remembered him fondly, saying that they “had long Friday-night dinner scenes where they’d be sitting at a table all day, and he would share so much.”

5. Emilia Clarke

The actress probably remembered the kindness she was offered when she first started out, because she has made sure to come to the defense of her Game of Thrones co-star. Nathalie Emmanuel, who played Missandei, said that when a colleague made an inappropriate comment about her, Clarke “straightaway had her back” and shut it down. The 2 women seem to support each other like their characters on the show.

6. Zendaya

CAP/RFS/Capital Pictures/East News

Zendaya and her Euphoria co-star Hunter Schafer became close while filming the TV show together because, from day one, Zendaya acted like a “big sister” to Schafer. They spent time on set, checking in with each other to make sure that the dark themes that are explored in the series were not too overwhelming for them to deal with.

7. Keanu Reeves

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/East News

Winona Ryder said that while filming Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the director told her co-stars to make her cry by yelling insulting things, but Keanu Reeves refused to do that. The actress clarified that she was supposed to be crying in the context of the scene, so that’s where the request came from, but Reeves declined the order to verbally offend her.

8. Nicole Kidman

Yuan jing - Imaginechina/East News

While filming the 2014 movie Grace of Monaco, Nicole Kidman found out that around 200 extras had to film in the freezing cold during the night. The next day, she demanded that tents be set up especially for the extras and for them to be provided with blankets and hot beverages. She earned the reputation of “a real princess” on set for her kind gesture.

9. Kate Winslet

Invision/Invision/East News, Invision/Invision/East News

Her Mare of Easttown co-star Angourie Rice is one year younger than her daughter, so Kate Winslet’s motherly instincts kicked in when she heard that the young actress would have to film an explicit scene. She said that she stayed on set to be there for Rice even though the scene was being shot during the night, while Winslet’s work day was done that morning.

10. Halle Berry

The movie Bruised featured Halle Berry as both the main actress and a director, and her co-star Sheila Atim had nothing but nice things to say about her. Atim noted that Berry had always been her hero, so working with her was a dream come true. But she was also extremely helpful on the set and made sure the young actress could ask for her help anytime.

Which story touched you the most? Do you try to help out your colleagues whenever you can?


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