10 Celebs Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Their Truest Self to the World

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Celebrities, more than anyone, face social pressure in their everyday life. If they don’t fit into the framework of people’s expectations, they might face hate. However, some celebrities aren’t afraid to confront and resist the pressure and show their true self to the people.

We at Bright Side are inspired by the courage of the heroes of this article and want to share their stories with our readers.

1. Drew Barrymore

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/East News, © drewbarrymore / Instagram

Drew Barrymore, an actress and TV host, posted a video of her enjoying the rain that seemed to be straight out of a rom-com movie. “Whenever you can, go out into the rain!” she shouted. “Do not miss the opportunity!”

2. Selena Gomez

Carlos Piaggio/The Grosby Group/Grosby Group/East News, © selenagomez / Instagram

Selena Gomez did not hesitate to stand up for herself and call out people who criticized her in the comments under her TikTok videos. “So I be trying to stay skinny, but I went to Jack in the Box, and I got 4 tacos, 3 egg rolls, onion rings, and a spicy chicken sandwich,” said Selena.

Though, she doesn’t think that the body shape actually matters because people always find a reason to criticize people online. “I am perfect the way I am,” she said.

3. Princess Eugenie

Steve Ross/Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS, © princesseugenie / Instagram

In 2020, Princess Eugenie, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, shared a pic of her scoliosis scar on social media to embrace it and support those who are afraid to accept their imperfections. “I just wanted to share my scar and encourage anyone out there who’s gone through something similar to share theirs with me,” said the princess. “Let’s be proud of our scars!”

4. Emily Ratajkowski

ANGELA WEISS/AFP/East News, © emrata / Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski, a model and a mother to a son, proudly exposes her motherhood the way it is. She frequently shares pics breastfeeding her baby boy. “If it seems like I’m always breastfeeding, it’s because I am,” Emily jokingly wrote under one of her posts.

5. Jamie Lee Curtis

ANGELA WEISS/AFP/East News, © curtisleejamie / Instagram

Jamie Lee Curtis has recently appealed to her audience, talking about one’s experience facing the contradiction between reality and the fake social media world. “Has anyone else opened their phone and somehow been confronted with an image of themselves that’s a ’gotcha’ moment?” she asked. “Often, the most unflattering image, we are often looking down, to remind us of our humility, humanity, and lack of hubris in this filtered world we all exist in on this platform.”

She complemented the text with a filter-free photo of herself, showing that exposing your true self is nothing to be afraid of.

6. Hilary Duff

face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News, face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News

After giving birth to her first child, Hilary Duff exposed her body, postpartum “on behalf of young girls, women, and mothers of all ages” who might be ashamed to embrace theirs. “My body has given me the greatest gift of my life: Luca,” wrote the actress. “Let’s be proud of what we’ve got and stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better, and unflawed.”

7. Serena Williams

Stuart Hardy/ABACAPRESS.COM/Abaca/East News, © serenawilliams / Instagram

As a professional tennis player, Serena Williams faced critics quite frequently throughout her career. “People would say I was born a guy, all because of my arms or because I’m strong,” she once shared.

The birth of her daughter several years ago made Serena celebrate her body. “I was looking at my daughter, and she has my arms and legs!” she wrote. “My exact same strong, muscular, powerful, sensational arms and body.”

8. Lady Gaga

PIERO CRUCIATTI/AFP/East News, © ladygaga / Instagram

Lady Gaga is known for her fantastic makeup looks. However, she also is up for taking the makeup off and showing her true self to her audience. And her fans, in turn, are eager to adopt her skincare routine to also achieve this glowing skin.

9. Camila Mendes

Invision/Invision/East News, © camimendes / Instagram

After opening up about episodes of eating disorders Camila Mendes experienced as a teen, she proclaimed that she is “done with dieting.”

“I was really obsessed with dieting,” Camila shared. However, she ultimately gave up dieting and believes that it positively influences her mental and physical health. “I’ve learned to trust myself that I’m going to make healthy choices because I care about my health,” she said.

10. Demi Lovato

© ddlovato / Instagram, face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News

In 2021, Demi Lovato, a singer and actress, came out as non-binary and changed their pronoun to “they.” However, in a recent podcast, they revealed that they started feeling “more feminine” lately and using “she/her” pronouns again in addition to “they/them.”

“I’m such a fluid person when it comes to my gender, my sexuality, my music, my creativity,” said Demi, proving that one can embrace themselves at any moment of their life.

Whose story touched you the most?

Preview photo credit PIERO CRUCIATTI/AFP/East News, ladygaga / Instagram


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