10 Clothing Tips That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

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3 years ago

People who are young at heart actually have a more slowly aging brain, a study finds. And we obviously want to look the way we feel about our age too, so clothes play quite a significant role. However, it may be not that easy to properly choose the ideal style by just checking out the new collections stores have to offer.

So, we at Bright Side are here with some practical tips on exactly what you need to pay attention to when shopping for the perfect look.

1. Don’t chose bold prints.

Finding nice prints that will look both youthful and sophisticated is extremely hard. Moreover, if the print is oversized, it will make you look larger overall, and this will add some age to your appearance. In contrast, smaller prints or plain textures will make you look slimmer and more youthful.

2. Wear skinny jeans.

Get rid of all jeans that look saggy and weird. Instead, get a pair of skinny jeans. They always look stylish, and easily pair with different style tops. Moreover, they highlight your figure and you will look slimmer and younger in them.

3. Be aware of shapeless clothes.

Oversized clothes may seem like a good solution, especially if you want to hide your belly area. However, they may work against you and make you look even bigger. A shorter jacket that ends at your mid-hip and defines your waist will be more figure-flattering and you will look younger.

4. Highlight the waist.

As we get older, our bust and tummy seem to merge into one. So highlighting our waist whenever possible is the key to looking younger and fitter. Chose a wide belt, a nipped-in blazer, or a cardigan that ties at the waist to get this effect.

5. Chose sunglasses carefully.

Correctly chosen sunglasses can greatly modernize your look. For example, cat-eye glasses can correct the problem with lowered outer corners of the eyes and make you look younger.

6. Chose simple looking jewelry.

While older generations are big fans of jewelry that looks luxurious and massive, younger people prefer more minimalist accessories. So instead of piling on bracelets and necklaces, consider removing a few pieces and only leaving something simple when you go out.

7. Don’t wear too much black.

Black definitely outlines the figure and can be suitable for almost any occasion. However, as we get older, our skin tends to become paler, so wearing black can create a harsh contrast — specifically on your face. It may emphasize wrinkles and highlight the dark shadows under the chin and around the eyes.

8. Wear the right size bra.

Wearing the wrong bra isn’t just uncomfortable, it also can add more than 10 years to your look. Because it affects the way your clothes fit, and, if chosen wrong, it will make you slouch and your figure will look more rippled.

9. Pay attention to the neckline.

You may try to hide an aging neck under your clothes, but in fact, an open neckline will make you look younger and more attractive. Try a V-neck sweater, jacket, or dress with a narrow, ruffled collar.

10. Don’t wear capris that are too short.

Capris that are too short tend to shorten legs and they highlight wide or muscular calves. Instead, you should choose a pair of trousers that end at the thinnest part of your leg.

Which tip sounds the most relatable for you? Do you know any other tricks?


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finally someone spoke about those bold prints. How I don't like them..last two summer literally everyone wore them but they never look good but rather cheap


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