14 Small Details That Will Make Any Woman Look Gorgeous and Polished

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2 years ago

We all have days when our wardrobe seems too boring. And in this case, most of us go shopping to buy some new items of clothing. However, in reality, the biggest part of what we need to diversify our looks is already there in our closets — all we need is just a pinch of inspiration.

We at Bright Side have faced difficulties when creating our looks many times, that’s why we decided to figure out what modern tricks can help you look both bright and elegant.

1. Repurposing an item of clothing

Using clothes for different functions is a very widespread trick. For example, you can wrap a sweater or a hoodie around your neck like a scarf or a belt. Also, you can use a handkerchief as a belt, a hairband, or even a top, while a small bag can be worn as a necklace.

2. Putting on no fewer than 3 items of clothing

I can't understand how women manage to go outside without a purse... specially after I became a mom, I feel like I need to carry everything I could possibly need and it's exaustive sometimes


Stylists call this trick “the third piece rule.” The top and bottom (pants or skirt) are the first and the second elements of the look. The third piece is something that will complete the image. It can be a sweater, a blazer, a scarf, a hat, or even a spectacular accessory. The third detail livens up everyday clothes and a person starts to look as if they have put in a lot of effort to look stylish.

3. Combining vintage clothes with trendy clothes

If you create your overall look from vintage pieces, there is a risk that you may look awkward. At the same time, mixing this look with one stylish detail is a very good idea. It can be an unusual bag, shoes, a coat, or an accessory. Moreover, you can try combining clothes from different decades. Instead of sticking to the style of certain years, you can don a dress from the ’40s with a leather jacket from the 90s.

4. Adding a belt to complete your look

Normally, when you feel that your look is missing something, it means you are right. And a belt can solve this issue easily. Some wardrobe items make the body look shapeless and that’s when a belt comes to the rescue. It will enhance your curves in the blink of an eye. You will need a black or dark brown universal leather belt as a basic element. For other cases, your choices are limitless — you can opt for a belt made from fabric, eco-leather, metal, lace, jute, or bright sporty belts with neon elements.

By the way, in order to wear a belt, you don’t necessarily need to have belt loops. A belt can be worn over a dress or a jacket.

5. Opening a shoulder

If you don’t want to buy new clothes, here is one of the most unusual ways to freshen up your look: give new life to your jean jacket, hoodie, or blazer by slightly pulling them off of one shoulder, or even 2.

6. Donning outerwear on your shoulders, leaving the sleeves free (like a cape)

For a more expensive look, you can casually throw a jacket or a coat over your shoulders like a cape. This will show that you don’t depend on the temperature outside and you don’t need to wrap yourself in outerwear. Moreover, you need to get into a truly royal posture to be able to wear a coat or a blazer this way, which means you’ll look dashing.

7. Adding color to your hair

Colorful hair doesn’t look scandalous in the modern world — on the contrary, it is socially acceptable. Moreover, temporary options are available everywhere — they are plenty of temporary hair dyes, which let girls change their hair color as often as the color of their lipstick.

8. Donning knee-highs or stockings

Knee-highs add a special charm to any look. You can use them together with tights when the weather is cold or you can opt for the imitation of tights that look like stockings. They will protect your legs from cold and help you look stunning.

9. Enhancing eyes with color

Colorful mascara is a top makeup trend of this year. You can apply it on both the upper and lower lashes, or just on upper or lower lashes to enhance the color of your eyes and add depth to your look. You can also apply colorful mascara over black mascara — to the tips of your lashes. And the most unusual idea is to combine 2 colors: to apply one bright color to the upper lashes, and the second bright color — to the lower lashes.

When it comes to eyeliner on the eyes, today — the more unusual they are, the more interesting the overall look will be. You can do a classic cat-eye in bright contrasting shades, or a cat-eye in one color with a nice-looking gradient, for example. They can be gradients in one color (from pale to saturated) or extreme combinations like pink and green, for example. Also, apart from the cat-eye, you can draw graphics on your eyes, like drawing a dramatic line under your brows.

10. Adding contrast

Any contrast in a look is good — no matter whether that is a contrast of textures, colors, styles, rough designs, and feminine elements. Silk and leather, denim and wool, matte and glossy, smooth and textured fabrics — there are many options, and these combinations will help you look much cooler even in a monochromatic outfit. For example, the contrast of styles implies a combination of sporty and classic, which looks unusual and attracts attention.

The combination of rough masculine styles and feminine elements have also become quite widespread — as if they symbolize 2 components living within the same character. The trick with color contrast (mixing opposite shades in one look) will help you prioritize accents.

11. Wearing turtlenecks under main outfits

This will instantly make your look not only warm but also multi-layered. The turtleneck goes well with shirts, overalls, dresses, jackets, cardigans, and vests. And layering is one of the main trends of this season, which allows you to mix textures and colors, and brings novelty and modernity to the image.

12. Wearing crop tops over T-shirts, shirts, or dresses

It was trendy to wear tops over shirts and T-shirts in the 2000s. And we know that most new trends are often well-forgotten old ones. But everything old is new again, as this trend helps add volume, variety, and thought to your appearance.

You can try tucking only one side of your shirt in your pants and leaving the second part free. Or you can try the French option — tuck it in in the front and leave the back and side parts free. You can do the same trick with a sweater.

13. Rolling up the sleeves

This trick makes the look more stylish and relaxed, but creating the perfect rolled-up sleeve is not as easy as it seems. The important thing is just to make it look neat, without rough corners, and to have it not look like a paint roller, otherwise, the look will seem unkempt.

14. Using a white shirt in a new way

A white shirt paired with pants, jeans, and a straight skirt looks too boring. That’s why designers came up with a new option of wearing this universal type of clothing — like a cape, unbuttoned. When worn like this, the shirt will give your look a slight carefree and relaxed vibe.

What do you usually add to your look to freshen it up?


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