10 Movies Where Actresses Had to Wear So Revealing Costumes They Even Made Us Blush

5 months ago

If asked whether superheroines need to have perfect hair and deep cleavage, we would say that they don’t. However, filmmakers want to impress the audience with spectacular looks so much that they sometimes ignore logic. We decided to put together the movies in which female characters wore mind-blowing, but extremely inappropriate costumes.


The filmmakers dressed Jennifer Garner’s character in accordance with all the clichés of how superheroines should look like. Of course, she was dressed in a revealing tight costume. But according to Garner, she could not even go to the toilet normally because of this outfit and tried to postpone this moment for as long as possible. Her pants were so tight that it was impossible to take them off in a usual manner. They had to be ripped open at the seams and then sewn back together. Therefore, a visit to the bathroom could take up to 45 minutes.

Also, the filmmakers decided to make the actress’s bust visually bigger and stuffed her bra with silicone inserts. “I think there were like 3 on each side of different sizes, and everything was pushed up and out,” the actress shared. Well, it’s definitely not the best costume for someone who has to run and fight all the time.

The World Is Not Enough

A Bond girl should surely be an exceptional beauty. And apparently the film director decided that the audience wouldn’t be able to see it if the actress was not dressed in revealing clothes.

So, the nuclear physicist with a lot of urgent and important tasks happened to be dressed not in comfortable pants, but in tight, ultra short shorts. And her top is actually a cropped tank top that leaves almost nothing to imagination and also makes the part of her tattoo visible.


Thanks to Kate Beckinsale, we learned that the tight latex costume her character was dressed in only looked cool, but had almost no practical value. “It’s latex with a leather corset, and it’s very squeaky all around. You come striding into a room, and it’s squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak ... everyone knows you’re there,” the actress revealed. Surely this suit would have been useless, were werewolves real.

Kate also revealed that she had to gain weight because she didn’t want to look too skinny in this tight costume.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungl‪e

In the sequel to the iconic Jumanji, actress Karen Gillan plays warrior Ruby from the world of Jumanji. Despite all the dangers of the jungle where you can easily get hurt, trip, or fall into something or hit something, Ruby is dressed, unlike all the male characters, in a quite revealing clothes.

Her legs, waist, and the top of her breasts are exposed. The mini shorts and cropped tank top are not the most appropriate attire for trudging through the woods.

Iron Man 2

The famous Black Widow from the Marvel’s superhero films proved that she was one of the most beautiful women in the series from her first appearance on the screen. And it didn’t matter that she had to perform unimaginable somersaults every now and then, fight villains who were way bigger than her, and decide the fate of the world.

The zipper on her chest was provocatively open, the suit looked like second skin, and her hairstyle was perfect as if she was planning to visit a red-carpet event, not to fight dozens of enemies.

Into the Blue

According to Jessica Alba, her character was not supposed to sport a bikini. The character was a marine biology student, and therefore she had to dive in a wetsuit. But the moviemakers tricked Jessica into wearing a bikini. When the actress arrived at the set, she was told that they had already made the necessary shots with her body double, who was wearing a swimsuit. Therefore, the star was left no other choice.

“Every time the camera shut off, I was covering up in a towel and hating my life and calling my mom, and being like, ‘I can’t do this! I hate this movie!’” Alba recalled.

X-Men: Apocalypse

The team of superheroes from the Marvel Comics continued their adventures in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. Among the familiar Magneto, Mystique or Cyclops, we can also see Psylocke who possesses the powers of telepathy and telekinesis.

Her clothes are so revealing that we can call her one of the most undressed characters in the movie. Her costume looks more like a swimsuit than a battle outfit. But even though the costume is ridiculous from a logical point of view, it is still spectacular and memorable.


In the TV series Charmed, the main characters appeared in very revealing costumes quite often. And they could show up in a swimsuit-like outfit in the most unexpected places, like woods, for example. Alyssa Milano in an interview even said that she thought the series creators made the costumes too revealing.

For example, in season 6 the sisters turned into Amazons and moved to an island where there was no civilization at all. Of course, the costumes of the girls were extremely impractical, but showed their slender figures in all their glory. But the funniest thing is that the creators put heeled boots on the “warrior maidens.” Apparently, they thought these were the right shoes for the wilderness.

Barb Wire

This film was based on the comic book with the same name, so the creators dressed the character in a costume that, although corresponded to the original work, totally contradicted the logic.

The heroine of Pamela Anderson keeps a nightclub where she works as a security guard. She runs, fights, drives a motorcycle, and saves the world in general, and all this wearing revealing tops that barely cover her bust. It does look beautiful, but does it look real? Hardly.


This outfit is definitely “perfect” for the Sahara desert. Penélope Cruz’s character has bare shoulders, cleavage and uncovered head. This means that she’s ready to sacrifice her health for beauty.

And sometimes costume designers make mistakes in historical movies too. See for yourself in this article.


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