19 People Who Confidently Left Their Old Life Behind

6 months ago

At times, initiating personal change can feel challenging. Yet, taking small steps forward might eventually lead to a significant transformation that distinctly separates your life into two phases: before and after.

1. “Finally, I achieved my goal of losing 100 pounds! Such a great feeling, finally.”

2. “Literally, half the man I used to be!”

3. “Maintaining since summer 2020, but my body composition continues to change.”

4. “I started lifting after this pic and have gained lots of healthy muscle!”

5. “I got tired. 100 lb gone!”

6. “Daily walks (2-3 miles) and Weight Watchers freestyle plan”

7. “397 lb to 223 lb”

8. “Never thought I’d feel this good in a ‘little black dress’!”

9. “The last time I wore traditional Indian wedding attire vs today.”

10. “My ears before and after getting them reconstructed.”

11. “10 years’ difference”

12. “I can drop those glasses and live my new life after two surgeries.”

13. “Almost there!”

14. “One year of weightlifting and bulking”

15. “Still have a long way to go, but I feel more confident already!”

16. “2 years’ difference”

17. “2-year loss + 1-year maintenance”

18. “Took 10 years.”

19. “Love you all, life is good!”

It’s never too late to embark on a journey of self-improvement. A Korean couple serves as a testament to this truth, having commenced their gym routine at 61 and 56 years old. Their remarkable transformation has rendered them almost unrecognizable.

Preview photo credit kaseeeey / Reddit


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