A Korean Couple, 61 & 56, Start Going to the Gym Together and Become Totally Unrecognizable

6 months ago

Aging often carries stereotypes of physical decline, such as reduced vitality, sagging skin, and wrinkles. However, a Korean couple has garnered attention with their incredibly youthful appearance, challenging the negative assumptions about aging and inspiring many to rethink the conventional narratives.

They embarked on a fitness journey together.

On Instagram, the Seoul-based couple, @okdong_fit, typically shares content revolving around fitness and their everyday routines. Surprisingly, despite being 61 and 56 years old, this couple courageously accepted the challenge and began a fitness journey side by side. Their dedication and commitment have transformed them into the most incredible and inspiring senior couple you’ll encounter.

Their daughter, Grace, revealed the narrative behind her parents’ fitness journey. Grace explained how her father found inspiration from a popular trend in South Korea, where people exercised for six months and showcased their physical transformations on the internet.

When he chose to embrace this trend, his wife decided to join him, too. Grace highlighted that her parents have always functioned as a team; this experience was no exception. They both adopted a routine of exercise and incorporated a healthier diet into their lifestyle. After six months, they uploaded new photos to mark their progress. However, rather than stopping after reaching their initial goal, they continued, pushing themselves further.

Before they started working out

In an Instagram video, Grace revealed that her mother struggled with being overweight while her father, previously an amateur kickboxer, was notably skinny. Her mother began swimming a year after giving birth to her son and continued swimming for the following five years as part of her fitness routine.

After his departure from kickboxing, Grace’s dad remained active by participating in weekly soccer sessions. However, this activity led to a knee issue, restricting his ability to walk continuously for more than 30 minutes.

In addition to documenting their workouts, the senior couple also updates their audience on their day-to-day activities. They share moments of going on dates, shopping for stylish workout clothes, and even offering insights into their dietary plans.

Their meal plan sounds quite intriguing and healthy. For breakfast, they include a cup of hot water, Greek yogurt with blueberries and nuts, an egg, cucumber, tomato, carrots, a slice of rye bread, and a cup of milk. Their lunch comprises kimbap, avocado salad with chicken breasts, assorted fruits, and a cup of latte. As for dinner, they opt for a more straightforward meal, having tofu bean stew.

Their children hold an equally significant place in their hearts and lives.

Despite living far away from their children, with their daughter and eldest son residing in America, distance doesn’t hinder their family bond. Every summer or winter, the entire family plans a trip together. Although it might be a brief journey, the cherished moments they spend together as a family hold a significance that surpasses any other experience.

Gym dates are their favorite.

For many, the idea of the gym as a date spot might not immediately come to mind. Nonetheless, this couple regularly enjoys gym dates, whether during the day or evening.

Their lifestyle defies conventional expectations of couples their age. They’re undeniably remarkable, leading a joyful life that’s inspiring in many aspects, which they generously share with the world.

Love often involves growing together as individuals. Initially meeting someone, it’s challenging to envision them as someone you might spend a lifetime with or start a family. However, some first dates don’t lead to a long-term connection.


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