12 Royal Style Rules That Are Worth Paying Attention To

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4 years ago

Catherine Middleton and Meghan Markle, the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, always appear perfectly dressed when in public. Attentive fans of the royal family have noticed that the styles of these 2 young women are so simple, that any girl could repeat them. If we take into account that the royal family members aren’t against budget brands, this task becomes even simpler.

Bright Side made a compilation of Kate and Meghan’s attire to prove that anyone can dress like the members of the royal family without hiring a team of fashion specialists.

1. Yellow sheath dress

Meghan Markle chose a bright yellow dress when she attended the Commonwealth Youth Challenge. Several days after, Kate Middleton appeared in the same type of dress at the Wimbledon Male Finals. After wearing these similar dresses, both of the dutchesses appeared in numerous articles in the media.

However, we can’t accuse anyone of plagiarism because Kate has been showing her love for the color yellow for quite a long time. In 2014, she was seen in similar attire during her 3-week-tour in New Zealand and Australia. Many times she has opted for a soft yellow dress in a more comfortable style for walking with her kids. This type of sheath dress would be appropriate in many situations, therefore, you can bravely choose this look — it will look nice anywhere!

2. Royal hats

Exquisite hats and sharp lines are loved by both duchesses. This wardrobe element is traditional for all female royal family members — there is hardly any attire that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t complement with a hat. The young generation of the monarch family is not refusing to wear traditional headdresses. But who said that hats can be worn by royals only? You can bravely add this accessory to your look by selecting the right hat with a summer dress or with a great coat in the off-season.

3. Skirts with geometric prints

Geometrical prints can successfully complement a more boring classic piece. We can see both Kate and Meghan wearing such prints quite often. The Duchess of Cambridge traditionally opts for skirts and dresses of an A-silhouette at a midi length that covers her knees, while the Duchess of Sussex usually opts for her favorite trimmed cut.

Try wearing either style to the office or simply for a walk — people around you will be delighted.

4. A light coat with pale colors

Coats of a powder color are a favorite in the wardrobes of many girls all over the world. This piece of clothing looks both elegant and feminine. Not surprisingly, it was appreciated by the royal family too. This option looks gorgeous on any body shape — both Meghan’s thin waist and Kate’s rounded belly looked equally nice in this kind of coat.

And if you’re expecting a baby, don’t worry — you can simply wear it unbuttoned!

5. Gray coat + hat

The classic gray coat is a staple piece for official events: it has a trim cut, minimal details, and a muted color. It doesn’t look vulgar or attract much attention if it’s complemented with a wide-brimmed hat or pill-top hat. This combination looks feminine and elegant.

Try experimenting with different headdresses — you’ll get as much attention as the members of the royal family.

6. Short jacket + tank top

The combination of a jacket and a tank top makes even the professional look seem less official and younger. Unlike long jackets, short jackets look modern and are truly universal. Meghan opted for this attire to attend Trinity College in Dublin, while Kate made this choice when having an official tour in Canada.

Use this look for the office. In the evening, you’ll be able to make your look more relaxed by simply taking the jacket off.

7. Dark blue coat with white details

The duchesses often opt for dark blue coats with contrasting details when appearing in public. The white details make the more formal upper garments look more festive and less boring. Kate chose this type of coat when visiting the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem, while Meghan opted for this attire when visiting Birmingham as part of her pre-wedding tour.

If you feel that white details on the outerwear get dirty very quickly, making it an impractical option, pay attention to other colored details such as cream or gray.

8. Gray plaid with small print

A gray plaid coat or suit is becoming a staple item in most basic wardrobes. A classic but not boring print will complement both a light dress (Kate’s choice) and a formal coat of dense texture (Meghan’s choice). The Duchesses have shown how plaid can look old-fashioned at first glance but can also look exquisite and in-style.

9. Guipure dress

Transparent sleeves with dense lining is the perfect formula for modest evening attire. Kate traditionally prefers a more modest length, while Meghan opts for more flirty, shorter dresses. Choose your optimal length, depending on your preferences and your particular figure.

10. Little black dress

A black dress with a V-cut and an interesting texture doesn’t look boring at all especially if complemented with a glamor belt or other accessory. A black dress-code doesn’t mean you have to look dark and gloomy. Subtle pops of white or shiny thread will compliment any look.

11. Jeans + a white shirt

Sometimes duchesses allow themselves to look relaxed in casual clothes, just like ordinary women do. It’s hard to recognize the members of the royal family when they’re wearing jeans and white shirts. But even this everyday attire can look modest — and in this case, you’re guaranteed to look like a royal.

Of course, the duchesses can only wear such attire at non-formal events only. Meghan showed up in this look at the “Invictus Games” while Kate opted for this style while visiting the annual cowboy rodeo festival.

12. Tight blue dress

A blue sheath dress suits any occasion especially when you need to look stunning. According to numerous photos of Kate Middleton, blue is one of her favorite colors. Moreover, it honors the beauty of Lady Diana’s legendary engagement ring.

Combine this look with accessories of the same shade along with classic shoes and a clutch bag.

Whose style is closer to yours: Meghan Markle’s or Kate Middleton’s? Have their looks inspired you to experiment with fashion? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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I choose Kate Middleton’s style by far! Who is #TeamKate here?


Me too! I think that Kate is elegant even on a simple piece of cloth.
And I think probably because of the postures difference, like Kate more.
And the style. ?


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