20+ Rules All Royal Family Members Need to Follow From Birth

9 months ago

Every family has traditions that it follows. They may seem funny and weird to outsiders, but they hold deep meaning for the family. It is even more interesting when it comes to royal families because their traditions have a centuries-old history.

Bright Side has collected interesting rituals that have been followed by the British royal family for many years.

At least 2 children

Traditionally, royal families have no less than 2 children, and this tradition is already 60 years old. A couple is welcome to have 3 or 4 children, but it’s up to them. By the way, most royal families have only 2 children. The only couple who decided to have more is Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. And now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to follow their example and are expecting their 3rd child.

The right posture

Women in royal families cannot sit however they want. They must not sit with their legs crossed at their knees. The correct posture is to keep the knees and ankles tightly together and slant the legs a little to the side.

A baby’s gender is a secret.

In the British royal family, it is strictly forbidden to announce the gender of a baby before he or she is born. The public likes to guess and make bets though, which is why they pay special attention to the duchess’s outfits and to their color in particular.

The special order

The royal family walk and are seated in a special order. This is why the husband of Queen Elizabeth II cannot walk with her and is always a little behind her. There is also a special order when seated: Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall (Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton), and so on.

Just like the Queen

At a grand reception, everyone is guided by the behavior of the Queen. Especially when she finishes eating because at this moment all guests should stop eating too.

Only women can watch the delivery process.

It’s worth noting that even when a baby delivery happened at home, the father of the baby could not be near his wife. Princess Diana was the first woman to break the rule of home childbirth. However, just like many centuries ago, men still cannot take part in the process. The explanation is simple — it’s a process exclusively for women.

Nuances of tea drinking

We all know how much attention is paid to drinking tea in Great Britain, and it’s crucial to know how to hold a teacup properly to stay at the highest level. Surprisingly, one cannot loop his/her index finger through a cup handle. The thumb and index finger should be used to hold the top of the handle, while the middle finger supports the bottom. It’s strictly forbidden to stick out your pinky finger.

One black outfit

Members of the royal family should always take a black outfit with them, regardless of the weather. Black is used only for mourning, and it cannot be used for other official events. Therefore, there is always clothing ready in the event of the death of a relative.

Pregnancy can only be announced at the 12th week.

It is customary to announce an addition to the family only after 12 weeks. However, Kate Middleton became an exception due to severe toxicosis during pregnancy. Her family had to explain the reason for her absence at official events.

Kids’ clothes

There is a very strict rule regarding children’s clothes: pants can be worn by adults only. That’s why children wear only shorts, regardless of the time of the year. This dress code should be followed up to the age of 8.

Myrtle in a wedding bouquet

Myrtle is a sign of luck and happiness in a marriage, which is why it should be in all wedding bouquets. This tradition started during the reign of Queen Victoria when the grandmother of the groom presented Queen Victoria with myrtle. Nowadays, this plant is taken from a tree grown in the royal garden.

Solemn salvo in honor of a prince or princess

Right after a royal baby is born, honors are given to both the parents and the child. 62 volleys are given near Tower Bridge and 41 near Buckingham Palace.

Announcement of the birth of a child

It is customary to inform the public that a child was born in a way loved by everyone. Near the palace, a gilded easel is placed with a note stating the time of birth and gender of the baby. It is also heralded by mouthpieces that inform people on the streets of London. A traditional easel even becomes a sightseeing stop for some time. The Cambridge couple was the first to announce the birth of their children by media.

4 names

Royal children can have up to 4 names, but they don’t have last names. If it is required, their title plays this function. Prince George, for example, uses the last name Cambridge in his school.


All royal children are breastfed by their mothers, and that is a well-known fact. However, there are some exceptions even here: Queen Victoria decided not to follow this tradition because she thought that breastfeeding made a woman silly.

Presents from all over the world

Children are traditionally given gifts, and royal children get them in enormous quantities. Everybody sends them gifts, starting from the heads of the country and finishing with simple people. A few presents are usually given to charity, and some stay in the family. Gifts can vary from rattles and baby romper suits to scarfs of luxurious brands.

They cannot communicate with common people.

If a baby’s relatives are common people then, unfortunately, the baby won’t be able to communicate with them. Traditionally it happened that only communication with royals was allowed. However, we all know that the Duchess of Cambridge broke this rule by spending a lot of time with her family.

The Queen’s birthday

When celebrating the Queen’s birthday, all family members should be present at the ceremony. And it doesn’t matter if you have just given birth to a child or if you had plans to go on vacation. Exceptions are almost impossible. Everyone should be there for her birthday.

Reliable babysitters

Before hiring a woman for the position of a babysitter for a royal child, the family sends her on special courses. Not only does she master skills in communication with children but she also learns safety rules (including careful driving) and even some martial arts.

Baptizing of newborns

It happens that baptizing is the first official public event in the lives of newborns. The media are, of course, prohibited to attend such events. The infants are baptized by the head of the English church either in Buckingham Palace or in a church chosen by the parents. The babies put on the same dress, one that Queen Victoria wore at her baptism in 1841.

Refusal of diapers

Strange as it may sound, but the royal family doesn’t use diapers. They choose only fabric ones. However, there are some exceptions here as well: to take care of the little Prince William, disposable diapers were used.

Are there any traditions in your family that are worth sharing? Let us know in the comments!


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