10 Costume Details That Made Us Want to Go Back and Watch the Movies Again

3 years ago

Sometimes, a movie doesn’t have to win an Oscar for Best Costume Design to become memorable. Very often, the costumes of characters are planned really meticulously, but there are times when something really mysterious about their clothes appears accidentally.

We at Bright Side found 10 iconic movie costumes where designers were really inventive.

The Truman Show — the robe

In The Truman Show (1998) the old ladies watching the show are wearing the same robe as Meryl because everything in The Truman Show is for sale.

The Dark Knight Rises — the mask

In The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Bruce did not wear a mask during the masked ball scene. This is because he considers Batman to be his true identity and “Bruce Wayne” to be his disguise in public. When Selina asked him, “Who are you pretending to be? ” he replied, “Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire.”

The Phantom of the Opera — Christine’s dress and hair

In The Phantom of the Opera (2004), Christine has the same hairstyle and hair decorations as Empress Elisabeth of Austria in a famous portrait. Her dress is also similar.

This is a normal thing that costume designers do: directly copy from real dresses.

Moulin Rouge! — Satine’s look

In Moulin Rouge!, Nicole Kidman wears a wig throughout the movie. Wavy hair was trendy at the time, so women wore hair extensions. Besides, look at the eyebrows of the actress and the perfect matte color of her face that will become trendy at the beginning of the 20th century. The film is set around 1899 to 1900.

Pirates of the Caribbean — the pirate’s eye

Mackenzie Crook, who played the one-eyed pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean, had a hard time during the shooting process. He had to wear 2 contact lenses on top of one another, to portray his character’s wooden eye. He said: “It’s uncomfortable but not painful. And it helps the character because, without it, I’m just any other pirate.”

Sleepy Hollow — Katrina’s dress

At the end of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow (1999) Christina Ricci’s dress is made to look like the suit that Beetlejuice wears, from Beetlejuice (1988), another Tim Burton film.

Back to the Future — Marty’s badge

In Back to the Future, Marty is wearing an unusual badge that is a logo from a Soviet art and design exhibition that was held at London’s Hayward Gallery from February to April in 1971.

The thing is, at the time, many directors, including Steven Spielberg (the executive producer of Back to the Future) and George Lucas, really respected the freedom of expression in Soviet cinema. Maybe, they used the badge to show what they thought, even though they were limited by the constraints of the genre.

Enola Holmes — Helena Bonham Carter’s jacket

In Enola Holmes, Helena Bonham Carter is wearing a jacket with a pansy motif. Pansies are said to represent loving feelings or to symbolize “think of me” in the Victorian language of flowers.

The Queen’s Gambit — Elizabeth’s last look

In the final scene, Elizabeth is taking a walk around Moscow wearing white clothing. If you look closely, you will see that she looks like a chess Queen. Even the shape of her beret is reminiscent of a chess piece.

Pulp Fiction — Mia’s pants

In Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman wears pants that are incredibly short. This was done to stay within budget. All the black pants that the costume designer loved and that were within the budget were too short for Uma Thurman. So, they made a decision to shorten the pants even more, even though capri pants weren’t popular. And after the film was released, they became popular again.

What are your favorite movie costumes? Maybe you even bought some clothes that were similar to what you saw in a movie?


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