10+ Emotional Photos That Will Touch Every String in Your Soul

2 years ago

A woman who is crying with happiness while meeting her newborn; a pair of doggies who hold hands and smile; an elderly woman and her dog who is attached to her forever, or twins who don’t leave each other’s hands even while sleeping. All these are just a few examples of life’s scenarios that can stir up a hurricane of emotions in our souls.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that life is more emotional than any romance or drama movie, and today we’ve collected 14 vivid scenes that haven’t been directed by a professional but cause far more feelings than even the strongest scene on TV.

1. “My wife and new baby Simon.”

2. “My sweet grandmother may not remember much, but her little champ has never left her side.”

3. “My dogs like to hold hands and smile.”

4. “With my son’s autism there is a lot of repetition and routine he uses to find comfort. He has snuggled the same way for 19 years.”

5. “Big sister (6-years-old) holds newborn baby sister for the first time.”

6. “I found this kitten cold and abandoned in the rain. My border collie has spent the whole evening being sweet and snuggling with him.”

7. “The difference between my premature son and ‘on time’ daughter at 4 months old is insane.”

8. “Before and after we adopted her.”

9. “My wife gave birth to our baby girl. Here they are, sleeping the first night at home beside me. I’m a happy man.”

10. “Three days ago I gave birth, today I got married. Life is good!”

11. “My 7-month-old son was sitting playing when my wife’s Great Pyreneese walked up and sat beside him.”

12. “I lost my son at Cracker Barrel. I found him like this. I do not know this man.”

13. “I said ’Look cute for our photo together’... She nailed it.”

14. “Twins sleep holding hands.”

What is the moment in your life that you’ll never forget? Have you been able to capture it on camera? We’d love to take a look at your touching moments in the comments!

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