10 Hacks to Quickly Get Your Kids Ready for School in the Morning

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In the morning, every minute counts, especially if your goal is to quickly get the children to kindergarten or school and not forget anything. To keep a good mood from the very beginning of the day and not be late, use our life hacks for a quick morning preparation! We have also put together some stuff from Amazon that might help with this. We hope that they will become your good morning helpers!

1. Use the alarm lamp, which gradually builds up the light and ensures that children wake up slowly without discomfort.

Imitation of sunrise will help the production of the awakening hormone. This helps to get out of bed more cheerfully and joyfully for both adults and children. The gadget will provide a soft increase in light so that waking up is not stressful. Many models are additionally equipped with the sounds of nature: birds singing, the sound of the sea or wind.

Check out the alarm clock we found on Amazon.

2. The right playlist for every weekday will help kids wake up in a good mood.

Choose 3-4 songs familiar to children and turn them on in order, starting with calm ones and gradually replacing them with peppy and groovy ones. Let your child gradually get into the rhythm of the day with songs instead of whims!

Check out this smart speaker for kids with Alexa on Amazon.

3. Organize a place next to the front door to store everything you need before you leave.

Install a special place in the hallway where you could put a backpack, books, change of shoes, and other little things. Thus, everything you need for school or kindergarten will be in one place, and you will not have to run around the apartment in search of everything they need.

Check out this versatile bench with a hanger on Amazon.

4. Make a morning to-do list. It will help children become more organized and independent.

For each completed task (to wash your face, brush your teeth, make the bed), you can glue small stickers so that you can clearly see what has been done and what has not. You can draw a motivational poster yourself or buy it.

Take a look at this fun toggle switch checklist we found on Amazon.

5. Use a timer. For better time management, allocate a certain number of minutes for each task.

For example, 5 minutes for washing and combing, 10 minutes for breakfast, 10 minutes for dressing. So it will be easier for children to navigate their time and understand whether they have time or not.

Check out this cute kids timer from Amazon.

6. Gather the school backpack, objects, and a change of clothes for kindergarten the night before.

This life hack requires nightly discipline, but it really saves a lot of time! Check the weather forecast, iron and hang things. Check the textbooks and notebooks according to the school timetable.

Use these folding hooks from Amazon to place your assembled backpacks at a comfortable height.

7. Provide containers and organizers for storing rubber bands and hairpins.

This is a must-have for girls! It is better to choose transparent models so that the child can see what lies inside. Each type of accessory has its own place, so the combing and styling process will not turn into chaos, and you will not have to run around in search of a tiny hairpin left somewhere.

Take a look at this container with transparent roll-out drawers from Amazon.

8. Prepare breakfast in the evening.

There are several options: put everything you need to prepare breakfast in a slow cooker and set it on a timer, or cook breakfast in the evening, and only warm it up in the morning. Choose for yourself what is convenient for you!

Check out this digital multicooker from Amazon.

9. Warming life hack: hang baby things on the heater or radiator, and at the moment of waking up they will be warm and comfortable.

In winter, it is very difficult to force yourself to get out from under the covers. In the morning, the air in the apartment is much cooler after the night. Things carefully heated by parents will make the child’s morning much more pleasant.

Warm up clothes with an oil heater from Amazon.

10. Arrange competitions between children!

If you have more than one child, then the game “Who is faster” will help you. At the same time, you do not compare the children with each other, but only increase the pace of their actions in a playful way. Prizes should be small and satisfy all children, for example, have the winning child choose a family game to play in the evening or a book to read together. That way, everyone wins in the end.

Mark your kids’ progress with this magnetic marker chart from Amazon.

Do you have your own personal ways to start the day in a great mood? Let’s share ideas with other parents!

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