10+ Matchless Inventions That Will Fight for Your Safety

4 years ago

From a bed that’s been transformed into a shelter in case of an earthquake to a door gadget that prevents intruders from bursting into your house, there are a handful of inventions out there that provide a feeling of security to everyone who owns them. Using them in your daily life, at home, on the street, and at the office will protect you from the worst-case scenarios.

At Bright Side we selected a dozen items that will make you feel the comfort and reassurance of home wherever you are. There are times when we don’t have our friends and family to look after us and we need to defend ourselves.

1. Door jammer

Use the Door-jammer is a way to stay safe in every room at all times. It is strong and can keep your door secure even from strong kicks.

2. Refrigerator door lock

refrigerator door lock prevents kids from getting trapped inside the fridge by accident. It can also be used as a cabinet lock for cabinets without a lock to protect important documents and other valuable items.

3. Earthquake-proof bed

This earthquake-proof bed will keep you unscathed even if the whole building collapses on top of you. It also contains food, water, supplies, and a medical kit.

4. KSI Safety Roller Barrier

The KSI Safety Roller Barrier can save thousands of lives on the roads. This rolling barrier keeps even the heaviest vehicles on track in case of a crash or a wrong turn. With its rolling poles, it helps vehicles roll back on to the road instead of crashing into the barrier.

5. Kingii

Kingii is a compact, inflatable, and reusable bracelet that will save you in case you’re at risk of drowning. Stay safe while enjoying the ocean, swimming, or participating in watersports. It’s perfect for kiddos as well.

6. Helite lifejacket

Helite, the land-life jacket, offers complete neck and spine stability which protects bikers from fatal injuries or bodily damage that could lead to paralysis.

7. Skysaver

Skysaver makes the impossible possible. In case of fire, you can use this rescue backpack to descend from a building to safety, in a Spiderman-like way.

8. Night Runner 270 shoe lights

Never go unseen in the dark with Night Runner 270 shoe lights. If you are a night runner or a cyclist, these will be your best buddies for a secure night run.

9. The Dazzeler

The Dazzeler is a new defense tool that blinds your attacker by shooting a high powered flash strobe to temporarily disorient them.

10. Usafe

Usafe is a remote-controlled watercraft lifesaver that goes fast and directly to the person in need in the deep sea no matter what the waves are like.

11. Sawyer extractor

In case of a serious bite, even by a snake or a scorpion, the Sawyer extractor extracts venom and poisons from bites and stings and if used immediately, can be a savior.

12. Safety iQ

Safety iQ is a safety emergency breathing system. In case of a fire, this special gadget will clean the air for you from smoke and dust, carbon monoxide, and toxic gases.

Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation where you felt secure because of a single device? Share your stories and how you handled the potential hazards.

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I think this sawyer extractor should be widely sold anywhere, what a useful thing
Some FANTASTIC ideas with real world benefits...mainly continuing with this whole breathing in & out thing we got goin' on! cheers smart peeps...?
It's truly amazing how many lives can be saved by just one idea. The "Earthquake bed" and the sky-backpack blew my mind! Thank you, inventors :)

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