10+ Movie Scenes That Are Totally Different In Other Countries

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We’ve seen a lot of iconic films over the years, and sometimes wonder why different versions of them can be found on the internet. Out of respect for different languages and cultures, their creators crafted the films based on the uniqueness of the country they would appear in, and they even paid attention to the tiniest details.

1. Buzz’s background in Toy Story 2

2. Ending shot in Pride and Prejudice

In America, the ending shot of Pride and Prejudice was the 2 main characters kissing, whereas in the United Kingdom, the ending shot was different because it is more based on the book, and die-hard fans would love to see it.

3. Randall’s cupcakes in Monsters University

4. Captain America’s to-do list in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

5. Jack Torrance’s typing in The Shining

The Shining’s director was a very meticulous person — every take had to be perfect and to his liking. The film had to take a lot of shots before deciding on the best one, like in the typewriting scene. The translation is also available in different languages in some parts of the world, and whoever had to type it all must be exhausted.

6. Restaurant choice in Demolition Man

The restaurants in Demolition Man were changed — originally, it was Taco Bell, but the director thought that restaurant was not well-known worldwide back then. As a result, they changed the logo for other countries to the more well-known Pizza Hut.

7. Additional scenes in Iron Man 3

In Iron Man 3, there were additional scenes that were put in only for China, and the rest of the countries remained the same without the additional scenes. It was unclear why this was done, but it could have been for the Chinese media and critics.

8. Ratatouille finding out Gusteau’s will

Ratatouille took place in France. All the scenes were shot in Paris, but Disney decided to change the language to English. There were also numerous dubs in other countries. When it comes to France, even the scenes have been specifically changed to French. In one scene, Ratatouille read a letter in French, but in other countries, it was changed to English.

9. Randall got smothered with cupcakes in Monsters University

10. One character with 2 distinct looks in Wreck-It Ralph

In Wreck-It Ralph, Minty Zaki was inspired by a well-known Japanese animator, and this was the case in other countries where this film was shown. Meanwhile, when the film was released in Japan, it was renamed Minty Sakura, and the reason for the change was unknown.

11. Banners in Monsters University

12. Enemy name change in The Incredibles

In the film The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible’s opponent was named Bomb Voyage (Bon Voyage) in other countries, which was a pun for “have a nice trip,” but in France, his name was changed to Folamour, which means “crazy love.” They changed it because the name would have been pronounced differently in France, making it sound strange.

These are the kinds of movies we should look forward to, because they make fans watch extra scenes, learn about different titles depending on the country, or entertain us with their Easter eggs. Here are more articles that will keep the fun going:


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