14 Little Details in Disney Movies That We Tend to Overlook

2 years ago

Disney has brought magic to children and adults alike for many years with its wonderful films. Some of them have simpler plots, others a deep and exciting background story that even if the little ones are not yet able to understand, adults enjoy to the fullest. What all these films have in common is that they are full of nuances and surprises, which often escape our eyes as spectators.

Bright Side loves Disney and its movies. That’s why today we want to share with you a new compilation of little-known facts that are easy to overlook even if you’re the biggest Pixar/Disney fan. Now you won’t miss a single detail!

1. Finding Nemo has a reference to The Incredibles.

In the scene where the animals seem to go crazy, while the dentist is attending to his niece Darla, the child in the waiting room frightened by the commotion and screaming is holding a Mr. Incredible comic book, the protagonist of Pixar’s next movie.

2. It is very common for them to include hints of their upcoming releases in their films.

In 2009, the production company released the film Up and it was a great success. But in the scene where the house flies through the window of a little girl’s room, you can also see Lotso the bear next to her bed. He’d later turn out to be the new antagonist of the third installment of Toy Story 3. Similarly, in the house of the witch in Brave, released in 2012, you can see Sulley in a wood carving. He’s the protagonist of Monsters University, which was released the following year.

3. Woody’s Andy wasn’t the same person that signed Buzz’s boot.

In Toy Story 2, we discover that Woody is a very old collector’s doll, coveted by many fans. That shows that it had to have been acquired long before the other toys Andy plays with. In fact, the creators of the saga have made it clear that before being owned by Andy Jr., the intrepid cowboy belonged to Andy Sr.

4. Chef Collette has a scar on her forearm

No stone is left unturned in Pixar’s movies. The proof of it is that animators added to this character even a small detail that lots of cooks and chefs have. It is very common for them to have small burns on their forearms. They get them accidentally when putting food on the grills or ovens or when taking it out.

5. The pizza delivery van from Toy Story appears in almost every movie that has been released after Toy Story.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the famous Pizza Planet delivery van appears in almost every film that was released after Toy Story. The picture above proves it, take a look: 1. its first appearance in Toy Story, 2. Brave, 3. Monster University, 4. WALL-E, 5. Bugs, and 6. Finding Nemo.

And the list could go on because you can also find it in Cars, Up, The Incredibles 2, Luca, Soul and Finding Dory among others.

6. The sun in front of him confuses Prince Eric into thinking that Ariel is a brunette.

Many people may have wondered how Prince Eric could have mistaken Ariel for the human version of Ursula when the differences between the two of them are so striking. One has red hair and blue eyes and the other is a brunette with darker eyes. This is because the only image he has of her came from when he saw her on the beach. But then the sun was shining right on him and he was just waking up from an unconscious state. Take a look at the image above and you’ll understand everything.

7. Pocahontas is the only Disney princess to have a tattoo

It is not a secret, nor is it hidden that on Pocahontas’ right arm there is a tattoo. It is a peculiarity since this small detail makes her the only tattooed princess in Disney history. This is inspired by a true story, that of the daughter of the chief of the Powhatan tribe, for whom tattoos were commonplace for both men and women.

8. Zootopia pirate movie vendor has “animalized” versions of several Disney hits

Pixar will never miss an opportunity to remind us in very subtle ways what other films they have available or will be releasing soon. In Zootopia, for instance, you can see versions of their other movies, some released and some not. However, they’re all adapted to the animal world, so you see a pig for Big Hero 6, a horse for Tangled, a rhine for Wreck-it Ralph, and so on.

9. They never miss anything that can make their animations look natural.

If you take a closer look at the almanac in which Mike Wazowski is counting down the days for the final exam, you’ll see that the shade of red between the “x’s” is not the same. The older, dry “x’s” have a dark red color that clearly differentiates them from the fresh, intense red of the new ones.

10. Lilo has a poster of Mulan in her room.

This movie has something in common with Brother Bear. They were made at Disney Studios Orlando before it was totally transformed into a theme park. In fact, Mulan was the first and was released just before Lilo and Stitch. On the wall of Lilo’s room, a poster of her predecessor can be seen hanging.

11. Not everything is always 100% fantasy, many things are inspired by reality.

Within the imaginary worlds that animators create for their stories, there are certain places that are inspired by real life. Landscapes, castles, panoramic views of cities, or in this case, a train station. When the characters of Wreck-It Ralph want to leave their games, they travel through the electrical connection until they reach Central Station, from where they can go to all the games in the room. This fictional station was inspired by the actual, extremely busy Grand Central Station in New York.

12. Helen Parr has the incomparable reflexes of a real mother.

Mothers seem to have twenty eyes, they see everything, even before it happens, and Helen Parr, the mother of the Incredible family, could not fail to have this maternal and natural gift. In the scene in the image, in which she falls from a plane into the sea with two of her children, she seems to guess that something is going to fall on them and she pushes her little ones out of the way. Watching the scene shot by shot or in slow motion, you can see how in a split second, she sees the reflection of the falling object in the water and pushes her children away. As we said, a mother doesn’t miss a thing.

13. The batteries that Buzz carries are of the same brand as the WALL-E robot.

In Toy Story 3, Buzz suffers a malfunction and starts acting strangely. While his friend Woody tries to get him back to normal, he exposes his batteries, which are none other than the Buy n Large brand. This large chain, in the movie WALL-E, was the manufacturer of both the main robot in charge of cleaning the planet of pollution and the space cruisers that house humans in space.

14. Finally, Disney confirmed that all of its films are connected to each other in some way.

After so many years including Easter Eggs everywhere, many fans began to develop theories about a possible connection between all of them. The idea is that there could be a Disney multiverse in which all the stories are developed in parallel. It’d be something similar was what Marvel created for its MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Finally, through an official video on the Toy Story social media accounts, Pixar confirmed that these theories are not so far-fetched after all and that there is a certain connection between all of these stories.

What’s your favorite Disney movie? Which part do you like the most?


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