10 New TV Series Where Every Episode Is a Little Masterpiece

4 years ago

If you like TV series that you’ll enjoy watching in one sitting and a plot that gets stuck in your head for a long time, our compilation is definitely for you. It doesn’t matter what you want to do today: to tickle your nerves, plunge into an alternative reality, investigate mysterious crimes, or just have a good laugh — you’ll find all of this on our list.

Bright Side recommends this compilation of new TV series of different genres and suggests you choose a story that suits your taste.

Dollface, 2019

Jules tries to come back to life after a painful breakup with the guy she was going to marry. Looking back at her life, she realizes that she lost her friends to keep her boyfriend happy and now, she’s completely alone. While trying to win back their trust and support, she understands how much she’s missed.

White House Farm, 2020

This TV show is based on real events.

The action takes place in 1985 in Essex. A massacre happened on a secluded farm, and all the members of the family who were living there became the victims. The main suspect is a daughter with a mental disorder, but one of the detectives doesn’t believe in this theory and begins his own thorough investigation. And thanks to his perseverance, he discovers new evidence.

Hunters, 2020

This is an American drama released by Amazon, starring Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, and Josh Radnor.

The action takes place in the USA in the 1970s. Jonah has just graduated from college and temporarily moves to New York to live with his grandma. One day, he returns home and finds her dead. Everything points to the fact that this was a murder. But the police officers just shrug their shoulders, since there’s no evidence. Jonah realizes that he won’t get any help from the police and decides to become a member of a secret society, like his grandma, and find the truth himself.

Jett, 2019

A world-class thief, Daisy, is smart, beautiful, and respected in the criminal world. She very easily pulled off witty scams until she ended up in prison. After she served her sentence and changed her attitude toward life, she decided to cut all ties with the criminal world and dedicate herself to raising her daughter. But crime bosses aren’t ready to let go of such a valuable employee.

Dispatches from Elsewhere, 2020

Dispatches from Elsewhere is a dramatic anthology TV series created by Jason Segel.

The main characters of this TV show love quests. They become members of a game where they have to solve the main mystery by looking for clues all over their home town. But the participants come to realize that it’s not a game and that someone is constantly watching them. It seems like a secret organization is using them as spies.

Reprisal, 2019

This series was shot in the neo-noir style. There’s a lot of neon, a gloomy atmosphere, a femme fatale, and dangerous men.

At the center of the story is Katherine Harlow, whose younger brother became connected to dangerous people. The criminals not only made them accomplices in a high-profile crime, but they also set them up. As a result, the brother ends up in prison, and Katherine miraculously survives an attempted murder. The criminals don’t even suspect that she is alive and ready to do anything to get revenge.

Stateless, 2020

Several strangers find themselves in an immigration camp in the middle of the Australian desert. An Afghan refugee, a bureaucrat, a flight attendant, and a young father — each of them came here for different reasons, but they all have the same goal. They will all have to go through the events that will make them look at the world with completely different eyes.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, 2020

The main character of this comedy-drama series is a software developer named Zoe. During a medical check-up in the clinic, she receives the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. But the problem is that they’re expressed through songs. So Zoe’s life and her communication with friends and relatives is getting way more complicated.

Project Blue Book, 2019

The plot is based on the real Project Blue Book, which was dedicated to the study of UFOs and would probably be liked by The X-Files fans.

It’s the 1950s. A Ph.D. in Astrophysics and the captain of the US Air Force are trying to figure out the inexplicable phenomena that began to occur throughout America. During this process, they realize that the government is hiding the truth from people, and the things that are happening can’t be explained scientifically.

Limetown, 2019

This is a sci-fi TV show with elements of a thriller and a crime series.

More than 15 years ago, in Limetown, 300 people disappeared without leaving a trace. Among them was an uncle of the main character, journalist Lia Haddock. It seems that she’s the only one who cares about where and why these people disappeared.

What is your favorite TV series and why?

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