10 of the Craziest Movie Fan Theories That Turn Our Favorite Stories Upside Down

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The film industry gives us a chance to dip our toes into other universes, complete with epic wizard battles and spy adventures, or travel the galaxy with a young warrior. But not all movies have a straightforward and clear plot. And this leaves some space for the imagination. Dedicated fans analyze every little detail and build theories that fully reinterpret many of the stories of movies and TV shows, and they also have the benefit of a bit of evidence that further proves their points.

1. James Bond is not a spy in the usual sense.

James Bond never tries to hide or take on an alias, and he always makes his presence known early on. This is because his primary purpose is to be a distraction to keep attention off the real spies. He messes up villains’ operations, but other spies have already infiltrated their ranks and work while Bond protects them from disclosure.

2. Jack is a part of The Terminator universe.

The Terminator films are all about saving the human race from the rise of sentient cyborgs. Kyle Reese and a cyborg were sent to make sure that Sarah and John Connor would survive. According to one fan’s theory, Jack was sent back in time to make sure Rose gave birth to Sarah Connor’s mother. So, in fact, Rose is Sarah’s grandmother.

3. Kevin Malone is a secret genius.

Throughout the show, we get signs that reveal Kevin may not be as dumb as he seems. After the merger with Stamford and it’s revealed that Martin had served time, he explains what insider trading is to Kevin, which he says sounds exactly like what he does every day. Maybe that’s how he managed to have the money to buy a bar.

4. Mary Poppins was a Hogwarts graduate.

Mary Poppins was a Hogwarts graduate. She carries her wand in her umbrella, like Hagrid, and she uses a levitation spell to fly. She carries a bag filled with huge objects, much like Hermione’s handbag. Mary can easily explain her use of magic, as she primarily uses it around children.

5. There was a Muggle vs wizard war.

Why do wizards have to hide their powers from Muggles? And if they are so powerful, why aren’t they in charge of the world? One theory explains that wizards and Muggles fought a war sometime in the Middle Ages, and the Muggles won. At the end of Goblet of Fire, it is revealed that the Minister of Magic reports to the British Prime Minister and may require his approval about bringing a dragon into the country.

Additionally, modern-day wizards don’t appear to be as powerful when compared to their ancient predecessors, like Merlin or the founders of Hogwarts. Muggles were likely more successful with their inquisitions and trials than is commonly assumed.

6. Cobb’s real totem was his wedding ring.

The debate about the ending of Inception is still going strong. And the whole argument is about the spinning top that Cobb uses as a totem, an object that dreamers use to distinguish between reality and dreams. But a fan’s theory suggests that Cobb’s true totem is actually his wedding ring.

He wears the ring in every sequence in which he’s in a dream, but not when he’s awake. And this fact solves the mystery of whether Cobb is awake at the end. He is! Because the wedding ring is clearly absent in the last scene.

7. The famous trinity actually chose their own houses.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were not meant to be in Gryffindor. Harry was meant to be in Slytherin, while Ron was suited for Hufflepuff, and Hermione, Ravenclaw. The only reason why they ended up in Gryffindor was because of their own preferences and the fact that they admired Gryffindor’s bravery above their own innate traits.

8. Riverdale is all in Jughead’s head.

Riverdale shows us the art of breaking patterns with more and more ridiculous twists and turns at the end of every season. The story is often framed in the arc of Jughead’s storytelling, so it could just be a story he’s writing. Betty is a character that he made up to deal with loneliness, and Archie is a memory of a kid he idolized in high school.

9. Harry is now immortal.

What about that whole scene where Harry dies but then comes back to life? The prophecy that intertwined Harry’s fate with that of Voldemort states, “One must meet his end at the hand of the other.” It means that the only way Harry can die is at the hand of Voldemort. But now he is dead and Harry is immortal.

10. Narcissa is a descendant of Gellert Grindelwald.

Some fans are convinced that Narcissa Malfoy is an illegitimate child because her blonde hair doesn’t match all the other members of her family who had black hair. Her mother was Druella Black, who was born Rosier. There’s no information about Druella’s parents. She could be the daughter of Vinda Rosier, the woman living with Grindelwald in Paris.

In your opinion, which of these fan theories might turn out to be true? If you know any alternative explanations for other popular movie plots, tell us in the comments!


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