15 Pairs of Movies That We Can Sum Up in a Single Sentence

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According to some authors, there are only 7 story plots that exist and all stories — books and movies — can be categorized into these 7 groups. So it’s no wonder that completely unrelated films can be explained using the same sentence.

That’s why we, at Bright Side, wanted to gather the most clever 15 descriptions that can be applied to 2 movies, or more.

1. “Orphan finds out he has powers and saves the world.”

2. “A father has an emotional reunion with his son.”

3. “Alan Rickman tries to ruin Christmas.”

4. “An old bitter man, in changing times, befriends his young Asian neighbor, who helps him overcome his cynicism and dislike of people after the death of his wife.”

5. “A girl with careless parents develops telekinetic powers.”

6. “Resourceful guy left alone on Christmas Eve beats the criminals.”

7. “A Parisian street rat with an especially keen nose goes to extraordinary lengths in order to master his craft.”

8. “A love story between 2 siblings, one of whom discovers their hidden powers.”

9. “A guy in a mask vs A group of teenagers”

10. “A cowboy must deal with an unwelcome alien.”

11. “A clown comes to town. No one laughs.”

12. “A seemingly normal protagonist’s life and relationships are put to the test when their Alternate Personality gets a little too overwhelming.”

13. “We should have let Benedict Cumberbatch sleep.”

14. “A man has to explain to his wife over and over again why she loves him because of her illness.”

15. “Got some magic shoes, met some friends, and ended up back home.”

Are there any other movies that can fit into these descriptions? Try to come up with another clever way of explaining your favorite movies in the comments.


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