10+ People Share Mysterious Memories From Their Childhood

5 months ago

Childhood memories often hold puzzling stories that don’t make sense, leaving people haunted by strange events they can’t understand. From spooky encounters with strangers to eerie feelings of the supernatural, these odd memories linger into adulthood, making many wonder what happened. Fortunately, people often find a safe space online to share their tales free of judgement.

  • I have a vivid memory of laying on my living room floor, I must have been about 10, and stressing about how I was a lesbian and how would I tell my parents and that I’d never have children. I remember thinking to myself, “I’ll have to deal with this later”, got up and carried on with my life. Only just remembered this a year or so ago. By the way, I’m not a lesbian. © whatwouldbuffydo / Reddit
  • At a roller skating rink when I was about 12, I was just rolling towards the rink after getting food, and suddenly I felt a prick on my right arm. I looked back and saw a woman holding a long, needle-like object. So I stopped and asked what she was doing, and the lady said, “Body fat test” and then hightailed it out of there. The employees were all 17-year-olds, so by the time I got anyone’s attention, the woman was gone.
    I have since been tested for tons of illnesses and diseases because of my job, which confirmed that I wasn’t given any random disease then, but to this day I still have no clue what happened. © lifepuzzler / Reddit
  • Back when I was about 6 or 7, my mom tucked me into bed like a normal night, but when I woke up I was in a very tight space. It was pitch black, I couldn’t see, and felt very cramped. I started screaming for help. After about what seemed like 5 minutes of screaming, and some crying, something jerked whatever I was in, and I heard a zipping noise.
    I then saw my dad’s face looking down on me. I was inside of a suitcase! It turns out I was in a suitcase under the guest room’s bed, where no one was sleeping. No one in my family knows how I ended up there, or why it happened. It’s not just a weird dream or something because my family still brings it up sometimes. Completely weird, still don’t know how it happened. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • I was around 8 at the time, and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I fell asleep on the toilet, and when I woke up, the entire bathroom was covered in this red liquid. It wasn’t blood, the consistency was more like cocktail sauce.
    I was scared that I somehow did it, so I spent like an hour cleaning it off of everything until the bathroom looked normal again. I went back to bed and forgot about it.
    I thought it was a dream, but then a few days later my mom was holding up a pair of my shorts (the ones I was wearing that night) and had been covered in that liquid, and I couldn’t explain why. © WackyJtM / Reddit
  • I remember seeing my grandad in the funeral home after he had passed, I was about 5 years old. I spoke to my aunt who was with me at the time of the visit recently, and she denies that any of the young children were allowed to see him and that we were all left at home. I had always thought of that memory as my last moment with him, but now I don’t know if it actually happened. © smurf56 / Reddit
  • I remember being like 4 or so and being sent to bed before my three siblings. I shared a room with my two sisters. My eldest sister’s bed had a dust ruffle (same as a bed skirt), and one of her shoes was sticking out about halfway from under it. I looked at it for some reason, and as I did, I saw it get pulled slowly under her bed. I freaked.
    My mom didn’t believe me, but I will never forget it. And we didn’t have any pets at the time. © FUZZ_buster / Reddit
  • I have a fuzzy memory of my foot being stuck in the toilet. Sock on, foot wedged in the hole. No idea why I did that or how I got out. © happy_the_clam / Reddit
  • While walking my dog, I found a mini crop circle in the middle of the field at my old house when I was like 8 years old. They were three circles about three feet in diameter, all perfectly placed as if the points of an equilateral triangle.
    I freaked out, and my dad kept saying it was caused by the people that came to mow our lawn. He showed me a sword he kept hidden in his closet and said if any aliens came, he would use this. That satisfied me and I accepted it for years until one day I realized that the people that came to mow our lawn never went into the field. It was never mowed, so why would they be in the middle of it? © lmMrMeeseeksLookAtMe / Reddit
  • When I was between 7–10 years old, I used to get frequent nightmares and would go into my parents’ room to ask if I could sleep with them for the rest of the night. I would go over to my mom’s side since my dad woke up early, and I didn’t want to cut into what little sleep he already had.
    I remember looking at the clock and it being a little after midnight. I stood there and gently nudged my mom and whispered at her off and on for what seemed like 30 minutes. Shortly after, I looked at the clock again, and it read 3:12. I was so confused that all my fear from the dream went away, and I walked right back into my room and went to sleep. © dementia1211 / Reddit
  • I have a memory of waking up at night and being surrounded by these weird figures. A few of them I recognized as cartoon characters from TV shows I’d watched, so I thought I was dreaming at first. Then I pinched myself and felt it, and managed to brush a toe onto the carpet and felt it as well, so I knew I was awake. I thought about getting out of the bed, but I got this sudden gut feeling telling me to go back to sleep and that it’d be wise to ignore the things around me.
    Years later I was watching a documentary about paranormal activity-type stuff and an alien-abductee said that aliens came to him in familiar shapes like animated characters to make him feel a sort of weird sense of cooperation and safety, familiarity. Now I kind of wonder what those things were. © silverwolf51 / Reddit
  • Once upon a time I was at a family friend’s house and went to their toilet. For some reason I decided to open the lid of the box part of the toilet, and for some reason there was a large live crayfish in there just chilling. © SuperGIoo / Reddit

Children often experiences things much more profoundly than adults, even though they sometimes can’t really understand what’s going on. It’s the case when kids suddenly utter supposed memories from a past life. Although they’re eerie and mysterious, they are able to talk about it as if it’s nothing. These 10+ stories are the perfect example of it.


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