10 People Shared What Was the Creepiest Thing They Ever Witnessed and It Sent Shivers Down Our Spines

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From eerie encounters in the dark night to inexplicable occurrences in broad daylight, the world is brimming with stories of the unsettling. Diving into this world, 10 people have courageously stepped forward to share their encounters with the creepiest phenomena they’ve ever witnessed. Brace yourself as we embark on a journey through the chilling narratives that defy explanations.

  • «Before cell phones, I accidentally dialed the wrong number but got the person I was trying to call at that wrong number. She was at her uncle’s house, and he picked up the phone, I asked for her, and he sounded confused as he handed her the phone.» banditk77 / Reddit
  • «I had a scene straight outta a horror movie play out for me a couple of years ago. I was sitting out back with my friend when I saw my neighbor in his house, we met eyes, I waved, and he waved, only one problem — that wasn’t my neighbor — I told my friend we gotta go inside, NOW.
    We turn the lights off and lock the doors, then I shoot my neighbor a text asking if he has any guests, he says no, so I call the cops, my neighbor calls as well. The guy was still there when the cops arrived. Apparently he was dumb enough to think I didn’t recognize he wasn’t my neighbor.» Playingpokerwith*** / Reddit
  • «I set a mousetrap in a cupboard in my house and caught a mouse. Next to the mouse was a tiny mouse-sized pair of elastic-waisted trousers. The trousers were not there when I set the trap.» prolixia / Reddit
  • «I went snorkeling in Jamaica. The thing is, I can’t see well without glasses or contacts. I brought one pair of contacts with me, so I didn’t want to wear them with my goggles, and I definitely didn’t want to wear my glasses in case I lost them at sea. So there I was snorkeling with blurry vision.
    I started to see these little clear blobs sporadically but thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. As I’m swimming, I see more and more of these clear blobs. I get this panic feeling and gently start pushing the water away from me to swim back to the boat.
    I’m halfway to the boat and there are hundreds if not thousands of these clear blobs around me. I get to the boat, and as I get in, everyone who’s left in the water starts getting stung by jellyfish. I then realize, I JUST SWAM THROUGH A SCHOOL OF JELLYFISH!» bzsbal / Reddit
  • «I work in an old hospital late at night and noticed the elevator doors open behind me. I then heard the clip-clop of hard-soled shoes take a few steps out of my way. When I turned around, no one was there.
    A linen cart sat across the hallway, so I thought this person was hiding behind it. I knelt down and looked underneath it, only to see two shiny, old-fashioned pointy nurses’ shoes pointed my way. I eased my way around the cart to scare the person who was trying to scare me, but no one was there. I looked down and could no longer see what I thought were shoes.» ban***k77 / Reddit
  • «When I was probably 16 or 17, I woke up one night, and I left my room to get a snack or some water. In the hallway, I saw a figure, and just dismissed it as me seeing things, so I gave it a good hard look to figure out what it was. Well, it definitely wasn’t a pile of clothes or anything. It just stood there, looking at me, with its long coat and grotesquely long fingers.
    Freaked me out for the night, and I checked the next morning to see if there was anything in that spot slightly resembling what I saw, but there wasn’t. I had figured I was just seeing things and got over it until a week later, when we were around the dinner table and my sister started describing this strange figure that she had seen the night before, and it perfectly matched the thing that I had seen a couple of nights previously.
    The hush that fell over the table as everyone exchanged nervous looks when I said, ’Oh, yeah, that guy, you’ve seen him too?’ was deafening. My dad installed security cameras the next day, but we never saw anything.» The_Everclearest / Reddit
  • «When I was in my early twenties I was walking my dog then he suddenly got unnerved. When I looked ahead, there was another dog, but I’ve never seen anything like this. It was about the same size as a German shepherd, but I’d never seen a dog like this.
    The thing looked weird, its hair was a sort of steel gray. Also, normally even if the dog is huge, my old dog used to always try to be friendly, but this thing just gave him a bad vibe. I immediately backed out and called the SSPCA, but they found nothing and no one apart from one or two friends believed me.» thomas_gabriel88 / Reddit
  • «When I was about 12 I was sleeping on my trampoline with a friend, and we heard the bushes move behind us and flashed our flashlight to the bushes and a mountain lion was laying there stalking us, I have never run so fast in my life.» Fortherecord87 / Reddit
  • «I grew up somewhere very rural — no streetlights and far away from any town with them. At night, it was DARK. My bedroom door also never closed properly.
    One night I woke up suddenly, without knowing why. As my mind tried to make sense of things, I looked to my left, towards the bedroom door — I could see the outline of a figure. In the tiny amount of predawn light, I could just see a white shape, long dark hair hanging down, and sunken eyes. I could also hear it breathing.
    After a few seconds of absolute mind-bending horror, where I literally felt every hair stand on end, it took a step into my room, out of the dark hallway. The hallway had no windows, so my room was slightly lighter. The change of the light also changed the face slightly — I could see it more clearly. I saw that it was in fact my mother’s face, and she was sleepwalking. She quickly left and went back to bed — fortunately for my own sanity, I never saw her sleepwalk again.» mordenty / Reddit
  • «One random night in middle school, I woke up and had the odd feeling that something or someone was present in the house and coming towards my room. I was scared, so I closed my eyes to pretend to be asleep. I could faintly hear something come in my room, and it felt like someone was standing over me, looking to make sure I was asleep. I laid on my back, eyes shut, until the feeling passed, and ended up falling asleep. I woke up in the morning to find out that our house was robbed.» ThatOtherOtherGuy3 / Reddit

One thing remains abundantly clear: the human experience is filled with moments that defy logic and reason. Whether skeptics or believers, we are all united by the universal thrill of a good ghost story or an unexplained phenomenon. And remember, the next time you find yourself alone in the night, the eerie sensation of being watched may not be just your imagination.

Preview photo credit ThatOtherOtherGuy3 / Reddit


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