10+ Stars Over 50 Who Keep Themselves in Tip-Top Shape

year ago

Doing moderate exercise a few times a week might be the answer to keeping your mind sharp as your age advances, especially if you’re over 50, various studies claim. In the celebrity world, however, many seem to go the extra mile and dedicate a longer amount of time to working on their fitness. The results are astounding and even inspiring to those who might be looking to start exercising a bit more.

Jennifer Lopez, 53

Dwayne Johnson, 51

Mark Wahlberg, 51

Demi Moore, 60

Salma Hayek, 56

Josh Brolin, 55

Elizabeth Hurley, 57

Shemar Moore, 53

Cindy Crawford, 57

Sharon Stone, 65

Terry Crews, 54

Halle Berry, 56

This list could be even longer, given how many stars are devoted to fitness. Another example is Jennifer Aniston, who recently revealed the secrets to her impeccable physique at 54 years old.


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