10 Stylist Tricks to Make Short Legs Look Longer

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4 years ago

The longest legs in the world are more than 52 in. Of course it’s impossible to get these results with any technique. But at least you can create the illusion that your legs look longer than they really are. And here some clothing tricks that will help you.

Bright Side is ready to share with you some dressing tips with you to make your legs appear longer. Don’t worry there’s no surgery and no other terrifying things. With just the color and length of your clothes, your look can change dramatically.

1. A low vamp on shoes that covers only your toes will work better. Shoes with high vamp won’t work.

2. Cropped pants make your legs look shorter. But don’t overdo it with length, pants shouldn’t wrinkle at the bottom.

3. You can try to tuck your shirt in. It will help to make your upper body appear shorter.

4. Choose vertical stripes, not horizontal ones. It will visually make your legs look longer.

5. Opt for high-waisted pants instead of low-waisted ones. It will give you additional length.

6. You can try monochromatic outfits. Just remember to use different shades of one color to make it look better.

7. Skinny jeans make legs look longer, especially if they’re a dark color.

8. It’s better to give preference to high heels. They will make you taller and lengthen your legs.

9. Choose nude shoes or those that match with the color of your outfit. This way your shoes won’t visually divide your leg line.

10. Watch the length of your skirt. It’s better if the bottom of the skirt hits above the knee. You can also try longer ones.

Which other tricks do you know to make legs look longer? You can share your tips in the comments.

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