10 Things That Make Even the Most Stylish Hallway Look Messy

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People say that we only have one chance to make a first impression, and it’s true for both apartments and people. So, the entrance is the part of the house people base their judgments on about the entire place. And even the most stylish hallway can be ruined by seemingly little details.

1. No storage for shoes

Even if a person lives alone, they probably have more than one pair of shoes: for walking, for playing sports, for special occasions, and for work. And sometimes, all these different models are not far from the door, and are sitting out in the open. So, the best thing to do in this case is to buy a shelf or a shoe storage cabinet. Also, it’s better to dust off your shoes before putting them into the cabinet, so your shoes will always be clean.

2. No full-length mirror

Before leaving home, almost everyone looks carefully at themselves to make sure everything is okay. It’s hard to do it without a mirror, and if it’s small, you won’t see the bottom of your body. So, a big mirror is not a whim, but a necessity. Besides, even if you don’t need this kind of mirror, your guests might.

3. A bad-looking doormat

Even if you have a doormat on the other side of the door, put another one inside the apartment to clean your shoes better. In the spring and fall, we bring in a lot of dirt, so the mat will constantly be dirty. We should clean it as often as possible. Besides, a bad-looking mat might make your guests think that the entire house is also dirty.

4. No umbrella holder

This seems like a minor detail, but it’s really important. We’re used to drying our umbrellas open, right on the floor. But there are at least 2 reasons not to do this: first, the water dripping down might ruin the floor, and second, it’s bad for the umbrella. The wet fabric stretches and starts to sag. So, the best way to dry an umbrella is to put it into a special holder.

5. Bad light

Dim lights in the hallway looks uninviting. Hallways are usually far from the windows, so make sure you have enough light to look for things, see dirt, and other problems before you leave home.

6. Bad flooring

Because the hallway is one of the most well-traveled spots in the house, often in our shoes, the flooring has to be easy to clean. We should also take into account that our shoes could be wet when walking in this space, which can damage wood or laminate. So, it’s better to use tile in the hallway or very good linoleum. The color is also important: dirt is not as visible on a light floor as it is on a dark floor.

7. Lots of clothes on the coat hangers

We have several jackets and coats we wear, depending on the weather. But sometimes, we forget to put away the clothes we’re not using now. So, when it’s warm, we should hide all of our winter clothes, and when it’s cold — vice versa. And, if possible, it’s better to have a closed wardrobe instead of an open coat rack.

8. Bad smell

An unpleasant smell at the entrance can ruin the impression people get when walking into your home, even if the apartment is top-notch. Wet shoes, cat litter, or the kitchen can be possible sources of bad smells. To avoid this, put an air freshener at the entrance. But make sure the scent is not very strong because not everyone might like it.

9. Too little or too much decor

Even though hallways are usually small, they have a lot of functions: storing stuff, putting on shoes, and even resting after a long day. So, the place has to be not only functional but also pleasant looking. Of course, too many accessories will make the place appear messy and decorative things occupy the area that could be used for something more useful. Maybe, you can buy a few paintings, mirrors, or other wall decorations to make the area feel more lively.

10. No place to sit

It’s very uncomfortable to put your shoes on while standing up, because you have to maintain your balance all the time, especially if you need to tie shoelaces or put on some high boots. If there’s a bench to sit on, it’s much more comfortable for you and your guests.

What do you pay attention to when you enter into an unknown apartment?


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