10 Tips on How to Wear Comfy Shoes in the Most Stylish Way

3 years ago

High heels and pumps have long been believed to be a symbol of elegance, while comfortable shoes are more often associated with old ladies, mothers on maternity leave, and those who prefer feeling comfortable over looking beautiful. But this simply isn’t true because even ordinary ballet flats or sandals can look stylish both at work and at parties.

At Bright Side, we studied tips from fashion stylists and would like to tell you about subtle details that will make your look perfect, even with flat shoes.

Jeans tucked into Chelsea boots ruin your look and the look of your shoes.

Chelsea boots look good with any outfit — as long as your jeans aren’t tucked into them. First, it will ruin the integrity of your outfit. Second, the collar of the boots can stretch and they’ll no longer fit well on your ankles.

Oxford shoes look good with loose clothes.

Classic Oxford shoes are perfect with oversized coats, jeans, and knee-highs. They also look nice with loose dresses.

Loafers look good with bare ankles.

Loafers and cropped pants can be complemented with a blouse or polo neck. A skirt will look perfect with a 3/4-sleeve top. If you want to look airy, choose loafers in pastel colors. Stylists don’t recommend wearing loafers with socks — bare ankles will look much more attractive.

Mules can make any look special.

You can wear them with culottes, jeans, midi skirts, overalls, casual or evening dresses, and pantsuits. And for those who like to attract attention, designers suggest the following: you can wear mules with fishnet socks or tights. However, in this case, you should choose closed-toe models.

Ballet flats look better with mini and midi skirts and dresses.

Ballet flats are quite versatile and look good with A-line dresses, shorts, or jeans. To make your look fresher, opt for flats that show the tops of your toes. However, if you combine flats and long pants, your feet will look longer.

Sandals will complement an elongated look.

An airy dress or cropped jeans combined with a long cardigan and sandals will make your look a little more elegant. And clothes with a vertical print visually elongate your body.

Long boots look good with mini and midi skirts.

When combining long boots with a long skirt, make sure that there is no gap between the shoes and your clothes. It’s also desirable to choose a dress that’s not tight-fitting, otherwise, it can make your body visually heavier.

For a balanced look, choose brogue shoes whose soles and tops are equal in width.

If the sole is wider than the top, the shoes will look bulkier, and it will make your feet visually more massive. Proper brogues can be combined with slim-fit pants and jeans, skirts, or dresses.

When wearing sneakers, make sure they aren’t the brightest part of your look.

No matter how comfortable your sneakers are, remember that they attract a lot of attention, so it’s important to find the right balance in your clothes. To make your look well-balanced, choose a puffy and/or bright top. It’s also recommended to hide your socks.

When combining boots and a dress, pay attention to how high the tops of your shoes are.

The combination of boots and dresses has become a classic look. However, it’s very important to choose high-top boots that cover your ankles. Such shoes will make your legs look longer. If you want to tuck your jeans into slim boots, it’s recommended to put on socks over the jeans. This way, you’ll avoid creases on the boots.

What types of clothes do you wear with your flats? Tell us in the comments below.

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