10 Tips You Can Use to Stay Safe When You’re On Vacation

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2 years ago

Experienced travelers have all kinds of tips and tricks to help us stay safe and secure on our trips. And whether you are someone who’s going on their first-ever trip or someone with a little bit more experience than that, we should all know how to travel smart. That’s why there are things that we need to know, that can keep us safe and will allow us to fully enjoy our vacations.

Bright Side loves to travel and we’d love for you to be able to do it safely, that is why we have prepared a few important tips that you may not know. We hope that they will help you enjoy your vacations free of problems.

1. Don’t let your kids dig holes on the beach.

Holes on beaches can seem innocent, but they can cause injuries to unsuspecting people. Whether it’s a runner or someone walking on the beach, there’s a possibility they might step inside of it and twist their ankle or even break it. What’s even worse, some holes might collapse and trap somebody inside them.

2. Always travel via official taxies and ask for ID.

It’s always smart to have some kind of an arrangement for someone to come pick you up at the airport when landing in a new country. But if that’s not possible for you and you have to use a taxi, always make sure that the taxi is legitimate. Ask for the driver’s taxi ID and have your Google Maps open, so that you can follow along. If something feels sketchy — always trust your instincts and don’t get in the car.

3. Get familiar with all the common travel scams.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have learned how to take advantage of clueless tourists and trick them into giving them their hard-earned cash. So it’s best to get yourself familiar with some of the most common scams. The most popular one being the “broken taxi meter” where once you’re in the taxi, the driver will tell you that it’s broken and will charge you a ridiculous fee. To avoid it, negotiate the fee ahead of time.

4. Write down your emergency info and take photos.

You never know when you might need to find an emergency contact, but you don’t have service where you are. Or sometimes, you might be worried that using your mobile data could mean a hefty phone bill. In those cases, it’s best to screenshot everything you might need, as well as Google Maps routes, so you can’t get lost, and also so you can follow along when you’re riding in a taxi.

5. Invest in anti-theft backpacks and bags.

Theft is common all around the world, and tourists are the perfect targets for skillful thieves or pickpockets. In order to avoid that, you should look to invest in special anti-theft bags and backpacks. There are also slash-proof backpacks that could prevent thieves from getting their hands on your belongings.

6. Ask locals for advice.

When you go to a new place, no matter how much research you do, you still won’t be familiar with everything and you should always look to locals for advice. For example, only they can tell you which neighborhoods to avoid, and which are safe. Hotel/hostel front desk workers are usually your best and safest bet for advice.

7. Inform friends/family of your location and plans.

It’s very important to have someone in your life who knows your location, plans, and when you plan on getting back. If something bad were to happen to you, you would want someone close to you to be aware, and so if they don’t hear from you, they can notify the local authorities about it.

8. Try to dress like the locals.

In most places, locals can recognize a tourist just by their clothing. This can draw unnecessary attention to you and you immediately become a target for thieves or scammers. It’s good to try make yourself look more like a local so that you don’t risk attracting the wrong kind of people. It’s worth noticing that some countries have special dress codes that you need to be aware of.

9. Hide emergency cash.

No matter how much you prepare yourself to prevent any potential problems, you can never predict everything and it’s good to have a backup plan. Hide emergency cash somewhere, in case your money/credit card gets stolen. It can be hidden somewhere in your bag or somewhere on you.

10. Use ATMs during the day.

Using an ATM as a tourist can be a tricky experience, you never know who’s watching or who might be waiting to steal your money. So, it’s best to use them during the day with people around. Also, it’s important to always take a good look at the ATM before using it, to check for any possible tampering.

What other tips do you have when it comes to safe traveling? Please share them with everyone, because a little extra safety never hurt anyone.


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