11 Barbie-Inspired Products That Are Worth Taking Their Place in Your Life

11 months ago

There is no avoiding Barbie talk lately. Theories are being made, and details are being revealed. The impact of pop culture could be quite unexpected, and only time will tell how much noise the movie will make. But whether you’re on Team Barbie or not, we think you’re still gonna enjoy these useful items that are just a treat to your eye.

1. This silicone Barbie case will protect your phone if you drop it and give you a serious case of nostalgia!

The case is non-slip and sits very comfortably in your hand. Looks very neat because of a special coating on the shell surface. It makes it quite hard to leave fingerprints.

Promising review:

This case is a show-stopper. Ever since I put it on, I’ve gotten so many compliments. It also fits my phone very well. It’s very protective and looks 10x better in person. — thelisa

2. We bet you never thought you’d be excited about a toilet seat! This one is a shiny pink art piece with a muted slowdown.

The seat is made from resin and metal hinges and bumpers to withstand a lot of pressure. It is easy to install. No trouble removing and cleaning it either because of the adjustable quick-release hinge parts.

Promising review:

This seat is STUNNING 🤩. Very comfortable, and it looks gorgeous. My husband even loves it. — bumslie22

3. Look at the world through these heart-shaped sunglasses that will make it look colorful (And we mean it! Just check the pictures below).

The glasses are rimless, which makes them look so edgy. They are made of high-quality plastic and are non-polarized. Wear them to parties, carnivals, photoshoots, or just for the fun of it. Make great party favors.

Promising review:

Wore these sunglasses to complement my hot pink outfit in Nashville, where I found these glasses to be super popular/trendy with other girls and bachelorette parties, etc. Honestly thinking about getting more pairs for an upcoming bachelorette party I’ll be attending myself, as they would make cute gifts.
I wouldn’t say they were super effective at blocking out the sun, but I didn’t buy them for that purpose. The plastic is quality/strong/durable. The color was spot-on for what I thought I was getting. Very cute accessory to any fun outfit! — Samantha

4. This detangling brush is a pretty practical product with an innovative and stylish design.

It is a great shower brush. You can just as easily use it while bathing as afterward. It is perfect for detangling: long, flexible teeth remove knots and reduce hair breakage, and short teeth are for frizz reduction.

Promising review:

My hair type is wavy and oily, but I’ve started to train my hair only to need washes after 3 to 4 days. I have fine but thick hair that is about 8–10 inches long. I never really realized how much dust is in my hair and the buildup on my scalp from not washing it every day until I looked at the Wet Hairbrush. There would be rings on the dust, and it would just be so grimy, and the dots at the end of the bristles would come off constantly.
I read the other reviews of this hair brush and went for it! BEST DECISION EVER!!! It feels so nice in my hair—less tugging and so easy to clean! I clean it after every use because it’s so easy, and apparently, there is just a lot of dust in my hair, lol. Overall, my hair and scalp feel better, and I would recommend it to anyone. — Amazon Customer

5. If, by any chance, you were looking for a great hair heat protectant, here it is. It is filled with vitamins and proteins for better moisturizing purposes. And it is Barbie-themed!

The product will provide superior heat protection. Style away without any damage!

How to use:

  • Section your hair.
  • Spray CHI x Barbie 44 Iron Guard evenly over dry or wet hair.
  • Use your favorite hair tool to style it.
  • Enjoy the result!

The product is cruelty-free.

Promising review:

This product smells amazing !!!! I can’t get over how good it is!!! — Jeremy Panter

6. Take your food wherever you go and stay in style with this sturdy splash-proof bag that looks more like an accessory than a lunch box.

The product is made from food-grade materials and is perfectly safe. It can hold a lot of stuff. It will keep your meals cold or warm for a good amount of time (about 4 hours). The bag has a large front pocket for tissues, documents, snacks, and a cell phone.

Promising review:

Very pleased with the color, style, size, and purpose of this lunch tote. I have not checked to see if it is leak-proof, but it seems to keep things nice and cold for a while and insulated from the outside heat for a few hours. Also, I believe it will keep hot foods very warm for a few hours. Nicely insulated. — LadyAleta

7. This sweat and UV-resistant silicone smartwatch band is top-notch! (Watch not included).

The Barbie band is compatible with all current Apple Watch models. Comes in different trendy designs. The product has a universal fit, so all Barbies and Kens can comfortably enjoy wearing it.

And there is a bonus that is included with your purchase: you can customize your experience. The QR code inside the box is there to unlock an exclusive Watch Face collection. Officially licensed.

8. This set of 4 beautiful Barbie glass coasters will protect your table from cup stains and will be a lovely addition to your home decor.

The design is quite impressive. These coasters are beautifully diamond-style carved and feature iconic Barbie colors and patterns.

Promising review:

Get them!! They’re super cute and durable. They look exactly like the picture. — Lily W.

9. The ultimate Barbie Dreamhouse experience is guaranteed with this bright, daily-useable espresso set.

The cups have double-wall insulation to keep your drinks at the right temperature longer than traditional glassware. The set includes one pink mug and one magenta mug. Both are embellished with signature Barbie branding.

This product is microwave, refrigerator, and freezer safe. Officially licensed.

Promising review:

These espresso cups are, first of all, stunning. They are made of excellent-quality materials, and in the beautiful pink we expect from any item carrying the Barbie logo. They make for an excellent addition to your Barbie and Dragon glassware set. — Wendy Collier

10. Curl your lashes Barbie-style and make the result long-lasting with this product.

This curler is equipped with a gently pounded pad, suitable for all eye shapes. Also, this amazing gizmo doesn’t pull at lashes, so the skin around your eyes is perfectly safe. And it’s cruelty-free.

Promising review:

There isn’t anything I dislike about this eyelash curler. Easy to use, and it lasts longer than any other one I’ve used in the past. The rubber in the curler stays in much better and doesn’t pinch my lids. — Amazon Customer

11. Put on this magnificent, officially licensed T-shirt when you go to watch Barbie to set the right mood!

This classic-fit T-shirt is made of cotton and is very lightweight and comfortable. It is machine-washable, so no trouble, just bonuses.

Promising review:

Item as described. Good quality of print and material of the shirt. — Marc

We hope these chic items will fill you with joy and encourage you to have an adventure. Trends are almost always fun to observe and sometimes even participate in. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.

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