11 Beauty Secrets From the Middle East That Help Women Look Stunning

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A magnetic gaze, glowing skin, and thick shiny hair — this is how we tend to imagine beauties from the Middle East. To look fresh and charming, Middle Eastern women use special beauty secrets that are passed down from generation to generation. And one of the most important secrets is probably the fact they use natural beauty products.

At Bright Side, we became curious about what beauty products Middle Eastern women use to look that gorgeous.

They use henna for hair color and nail polish.

Henna is a natural dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis. It’s often used for body art. However, Middle Eastern women also use henna to dye their hair, as they are skeptical about chemical dyes. Some women also believe that henna makes hair healthier and stronger.

And if you want to dye your hair black, you can add basma to the henna.

Henna can also be used as nail polish. However, you can paint your nails only in red and orange shades with it (see the photo above).

They use honey as a facial mask.

Middle Eastern women have been using honey to make their skin soft and glowing since ancient times. To do this, they apply a mask made from honey and milk to their face.

You can also make cleansers and moisturizers from honey by mixing it with cucumber. And to tighten the skin, Middle Eastern beauties add mashed fig fruit to the honey.

They use mint to cure bad acne.

According to the Arabs, mint not only makes the breath fresh, but it can also cure acne. This is because of the fact that mint leaves contain salicylic acid. You can either grind the mint and apply it to the inflamed area or add it to your facial mask and leave it overnight.

They emphasize their eyes with thick eyeliner.

Bartosz KRUPA / East News

Former Saudi Princess Ameera Al-Taweel

As an eyeliner, Middle Eastern women use a special substance known as kohl. In the past, it was believed that the darkened area around the eyes could protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. But Arab women also use it to emphasize their beauty. Modern kohl is often made from a natural ingredient, wood resin.

They apply shadows of a few colors to their eyes.

Invision / Invision / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Arab women use more than just eyeliner to make their gaze magnetic. They also apply eye shadows in at least 2 shades. But they make sure that the chosen shades match and add a smoky touch to the outer corners of the eyes.

They use sour milk to make their hair smooth and shiny.

Middle Eastern women are known for their thick and shiny hair. And their secret is using only natural ingredients. Before washing their hair, they apply kefir or sour milk to their scalp. Fermented milk products nourish the hair and restore its structure.

They use olive oil to treat their skin, hair, and nails.

In the Middle East, unrefined olive oil has long been used as a cosmetic product. First of all, it’s used in facial massage because it softens and rejuvenates the skin. This oil is great at softening cuticles and making thin and brittle nails stronger.

Olive oil is also added to body scrubs and hair masks. If you have dull and damaged hair, apply a couple of tablespoons of oil to your hair, wrap your head with a towel, and leave it in for 30 minutes before washing. Some women even leave the olive oil overnight for maximum shine.

They use sea salt for exfoliation.

Arab women have been using sea salt for exfoliation since ancient times. They used it to get rid of dry and dull skin. A massage with sea salt also improves circulation. Additionally, this product is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

They use a facial mask made from potatoes.

Some Middle Eastern women believe that potatoes help their skin look better. This is why they use facial masks made from them. You can use mashed potato or potato juice. Sometimes Middle Eastern beauties also add yogurt to this mask.

They follow a healthy diet.

Middle Eastern women believe that beauty comes from within. This is why they take their diet seriously and avoid fruit and vegetables that have been previously frozen or cooked. They also drink a lot of water.

They start their day by drinking hot water with lemon and apple cider vinegar. They believe that it helps to detox the body and improve metabolism.

They use aroma oils instead of perfume.

Arab women don’t like to use perfume and prefer natural scents of traditional aroma oils. That being said, all Middle Eastern perfumes don’t contain alcohol — they are purely oil-based. The favorite fragrances of Middle Eastern women are musk, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, and rose.

Do you have beauty secrets of your own? Tell us about them in the comments below.


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