11 Body Language Secrets You Can Use to Sweep Any Guy Off His Feet

3 years ago

When we communicate with someone, around 80% of the communication is nonverbal. That’s why we should get more familiar with how body language works and figure out which gestures we should adopt in order to appear irresistible and entice any man we want.

We at Bright Side dug up body language tricks that work like a magic wand and that will help you charm the man of your dreams.

1. Make eye contact, smile, and look away.

Eye contact might be a 2-way street, but if you do it right, it can be extremely powerful. That’s why, before establishing eye contact with someone, make sure you are doing it right.

If you glimpse at a man you want to attract, he may think that you accidentally looked at him and you are not interested. And if you stare for too long, it can intimidate him.

Make eye contact for around 5 seconds. If he looks back at you, smile, and shyly turn your gaze away. Men usually miss the first eye-contact, so do this 3-4 times until he takes notice.

2. Show your neck.

If you want to entice a man, expose your neck by tilting your head and flipping your hair back. An open or stroked neck indicates sensuality and also releases tantalizing pheromones. This will indicate that you are comfortable in his presence and ready to be wooed.

3. Perform the “Marilyn Monroe” gesture.

To successfully perform this gesture, follow these simple steps:

  • Tilt your head down.
  • Gaze at the man you want to attract.
  • Raise your eyebrows, lower your eyelids, and bat your eyelashes.

4. Show availability by opening your torso.

To men, crossing your arms, holding your phone in front of your chest, clutching a beverage in front of your abdomen, or hugging your purse are all signs that show you are unavailable. So, if you want to appear more approachable, the best way to do so is by eliminating every barrier placed in front of your torso and maintaining an upright body posture.

5. Show your hands.

When you do this, you give a hint to men that you are trustworthy. But if you put your hands in your pocket, cover them with your coat, or keep them under the table, your attractiveness might decrease because men won’t feel comfortable opening up to you.

6. Point your belly button toward the man you are attracted to.

Even if you do this naturally, you should make sure you point your belly button toward him even if he isn’t standing in front of you. Slightly pivot your body to be able to face him a bit more. By doing this, you show the man that he is special to you and that you also like, trust, and admire him.

7. Practice a “power pose” before going on a date.

Standing like “Wonder Woman” for 2 minutes before meeting a guy you like will help you boost your confidence levels. Adopting this or other power poses will also alleviate your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and increase testosterone levels, which will make you more willing to put yourself out there.

8. Swing your hips naturally.

If you don’t swing your hips at all when walking, you probably won’t be able to draw the attention of men who are passing by. However, you shouldn’t do this unnaturally like a catwalk model, as this may appear aggressive to men.

On the other hand, if you swing your hips naturally and with ease, men will get attracted by it and you’ll probably capture their attention within seconds.

9. Touch your hair gently.

This doesn’t mean you should play with your hair all the time, as this might signal that you are nervous or insecure. Men might find women’s hair attractive, so by gently touching your hair every now and then, you will probably capture their attention. Just make sure you are doing it naturally and that it doesn’t look too staged.

10. Smile with your eyes.

Too much smiling can be unattractive to men, as it may seem that you are desperate and doing it to draw attention. Either sincerely smile from time to time or smile with your eyes. By doing this, you’ll end up looking much more affectionate and a bit dramatic, which men find attractive.

11. Subtly mirror some of his movements.

We respond positively to people who resemble us. So, by reflecting some of his movements with your own body, it will make you appear more likable in his eyes. This will also help you develop a bond of trust between the 2 of you without putting too much effort into it.

Have you ever used some of these tricks to make a man fall for you? Were they helpful?


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I thought poses like "power pose" might scare a guy away 😅


This is straightaway derogatory post. I don't understand why a woman should resort to such tactics to impress a man.


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