11 Foods to Avoid if You Want Smooth, Wrinkle-Free Skin

2 years ago

Some of our favorite healthy and quick snacks, like smoothies and dried fruits, could actually be damaging our skin health and making us age faster. This is because of some not-so-nice ingredients like large amounts of sugar, sodium, and sulfates that can negatively impact our body by dehydrating it or weakening the skin’s collagen.

Bright Side has made a list of all the foods to avoid if you want to keep your skin as young and toxin-free as possible.

1. Canned soup

This is because canned soups are loaded with sodium. The sodium actually absorbs the water in our bodies, leaving us more dehydrated than before. In fact, an average can of soup may contain more than our recommended daily portion of sodium.

Because of the high levels of sodium, eating too much may lead to you feeling more dehydrated. This can affect the skin as it becomes drier and more prone to wrinkles.

2. Fruit smoothies

Despite their appearance as a healthy snack, they are actually packed with sugar! Consuming too much sugar has been linked to skin health, as it affects your collagen and skin structure. Collagen is important for protecting our skin and keeping it elastic and young.

Sipping too many smoothies may, over time, make your skin look more stiff and less soft and young, all because of fruit sugars.

3. Energy drinks

Although these drinks can be very useful for anyone who needs an extra energy boost, they may actually be damaging your skin. This is because they are full of sugar and caffeine, both of which are bad for your skin.

The high amount of sugar can affect your collagen health, while the caffeine will dehydrate you and your skin. This leaves your skin vulnerable to damage and wrinkles.

4. Deep-fried food

They are not only bad for our health, but they also make us look older. This is because foods that have been deep-fried increase the inflammatory compounds in our bodies. This means that they irritate our bodies and can inflame our skin, leaving it more vulnerable to external damage from the sun, which can leave it wrinkled.

5. Vegetable oil

Cutting back on the amount of vegetable oil we use can help our skin. Because the oil is full of trans fats, it actually causes inflammation, meaning that our skin is weaker against damaging UV rays. This can leave us with wrinkles and age spots as our skin can’t protect itself properly.

6. Dried fruits

These tasty snacks can in fact lead to older looking skin because they are full of sulfates. The sulfates are important for preserving the fruits, but they also increase the level of free radicals in our body. These free radicals damage our cells, DNA, and proteins, leading to premature aging in the form of wrinkles as they attack collagen.

7. Rice cakes

Known for being a snack that feels like a healthier option, rice cakes actually have a high glycemic index. Basically, this means that they are broken down by our body the same way as sugars are. Having too many sugars in our body reduces our collagen and can increase the signs of aging.

8. Margarine

It was first thought to be healthier than butter, but in fact, it has harmful polyunsaturated fats in it. Eating too much margarine can be damaging for your skin because of these fats, leaving it feeling dry and looking more wrinkled. However, it could be fine to eat margarine that is low in saturated fat and doesn’t have any trans fats as long as you only have a little.

9. Pasta

Processed carbs, like pasta, white rice, and bread can be damaging to your skin because they may damage the collagen in your skin. They all have a big effect on the body’s sugar levels. This means that your skin can be left feeling less springy and elastic, and more dull and wrinkled.

10. Agave syrup

This honey alternative is actually very high in fructose, which causes AGEs to form. AGEs are connected to cellular damage and inflammation, which can all leave you with more wrinkles and other signs of aging on your skin, like age spots.

11. Flavored yogurts

These tasty little treats are not as beneficial as they may first appear. This is because there is such a large amount of sugar hidden inside these tiny pots. When we eat them, these sugars grab onto and break the amino acids in collagen and elastin. This damage can lead to our skin looking wrinkly and saggy as it ages prematurely.

Did you suspect any of the foods on this list? What is your favorite healthy snack?


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