11 Strange Bans From Around the World Even the Locals Don’t Understand

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Before every trip we take, we always try to read some travel guides to learn more about the place we want to visit. But few people ever wonder what the local laws are. And they should because the things that seem completely normal and ordinary at home may be banned in other countries. For example, you’d better not wear slippers in Capri or dance in the street in Sweden.

Bright Side encourages you to be careful when you are abroad, so read about these strange laws and remember them.

1. Greece — computer games

In 2002, the Greek government prohibited playing computer games. This law actually led to the arrest of an internet cafe visitor because he played a game there. In the beginning, the minimal punishment was 3 months of jail and a fine of $5,000. The law was changed under the pressure of the European Union. So nobody will fine you for playing games at home but you still can’t do it in a cafe.

2. Iran — “western” hairstyles

A few years ago, the Iranian government prohibited some “western” haircuts, specifically ponytails and mohawks. The authorities even published a catalog with illustrations of haircuts you can get. Tattoos and shaving also became illegal because a beard for a Muslim man is sacred.

3. Malasia — yellow clothes

If you wear yellow clothes in Malasia, be ready to pay a fine of $1,185. After protesters who wore yellow T-shirts and wanted the election system to be fair, the Minister of the Interior prohibited wearing yellow clothes.

4. France — ketchup in school cafeterias

The French government decided to limit using ketchup in cafeterias. This way, the authorities are trying to promote healthy food and traditions of French cuisine. Cafeterias have the right to serve the sauce only with French fries and only once a week. Aside from that, schools are supposed to increase the number of vegetables on the menu and reduce the amount of fat in the food.

5. Canada — walkers and scooters for children

Since 2004, the government prohibited the manufacturing, selling, and distribution of walkers and scooters for children. It turns out that walking too early is dangerous for babies. Minister Pierre Pettigrew said, “The safety of our children always comes first. I am happy to inform you that Canada is the first country in the world to have prohibited selling walkers.”

6. Sweden — dancing outside

In Sweden, you can’t dance in the street without official permission that you should apply for in a special institution. Even the smallest tap of the foot to follow the rhythm of any music is illegal.

7. Brazil — tanning salons

The law has been functional since 2009. It includes using, importing, renting, and selling equipment for artificial tanning. The measure was taken after learning a lot of scientific data that proves the danger of UV-radiation for humans. It is believed to cause cancer.

8. Italy — slippers

In some regions of Italy, there are fines for wearing the “wrong” shoes. In Liguria, for example, tourists can’t wear slippers in parks. You would have to pay anywhere from $50 to $2,500 for breaking the law. This is a security measure because rescuers often have to help people in trouble caused by the slippery soles of their shoes. And in Capri, you can’t wear slippers because of the sounds they make.

9. Australia — changing a lamp

In some states in Australia, it is prohibited to do any electrical work on your own. The law says that this work should be done by a licensed professional. Despite the rumors, you are allowed to change a bulb yourself but changing the entire lamp or electrical wires should be done by an expert.

10. Turkmenistan — black cars

In this country, there is a superstition that black color brings bad luck and white color is the symbol of happiness. This is why black cars have been prohibited since 2018. The owners who bought black cars before the law was adopted have to change the color of their cars.

11. Thailand — driving naked

In Thailand, there is a law that prohibits walking in the street and being in public places without underwear. Of course, the police won’t check if you are breaking the law. Driving a car without a shirt is also illegal.

Which of these laws seemed the strangest to you? Tell us in the comments.

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The Australia one is just not true. We’ve changed our own lightbulbs a lot and the police treat it like it’s nothing.


there are a lot misleading information. also what is malasia?


The comment on Burundi is complete bullshit! I have lived in Burundi for 7 years. jogging is the national pastime. We jog daily and on weekends we have numerous active jogging clubs freely enjoying the exercise and even singing while doing it. Stop the lies!


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