12 Airbnbs From Famous Movies and TV Shows That You Can Book Right Now

3 years ago

The houses we often see in movies and TV shows are not always studios made for the purpose of filming. Many times, they’re real locations that have been rented only for a few weeks. The good part is that many of these places are now listed on Airbnb and anyone can rent them and sleep exactly where their favorite stars once stayed.

Bright Side has discovered 12 Airbnbs with properties that appeared in movies or TV series and can be rented tomorrow by anyone interested.

1. The Swan house from Twilight

Location: St. Helens (a short drive to Portland), Oregon, USA

Price per night: $350

The beautiful 1930s home was sold in 2018 for $363,000 and the buyers decided to turn it into an Airbnb. One of the owners shared that fans from all over the world send them items that appeared in the movie so they can recreate the rooms.

2. The De Vere House, known as Harry Potter’s childhood home

Location: Lavenham, England

Price: $234

The De Vere House was used as Godric’s Hollow in the Harry Potter franchise and has been on sale since 2017 after failing to find a buyer. Contrary to what people think, none of the main stars filmed scenes in this house, but rather, in a studio with the backdrop of the house which was used later as computer-generated images.

3. Reese Witherspoon’s mansion from Big Little Lies

Location: Malibu Beach, Los Angeles, USA

Price: $3,000 — $5,000

While the series takes place in Monterey, California, the Cape Cod-style estate is located in Malibu. The 7-bedroom mansion can house up to 12 people and offers many luxuries. Some of them can be enjoyed in the master bedroom, which includes a massive outdoor deck with a fireplace and a jacuzzi.

4. Tony Stark’s cabin from Avengers: Endgame

Location: Fairburn, Georgia, USA

Price: $800

If your dream is to sleep where Iron Man once lived, then you need to visit this lakeside abode. The cabin has 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to 6 people so it can serve as a nice weekend away with your friends. Its price used to be listed as $300 but the owners increased the rate due to popularity.

5. Turtle Island where Blue Lagoon was filmed

Location: Turtle Island, Fiji

Price: over $1,000

Yes, it might sound unusual, but you can rent an entire island or just a luxurious villa on Turtle Island where Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins once filmed Blue Lagoon. The island has 14 villas with private beaches, eclectic menus, and offers all kinds of water activities, such as scuba diving and sailing. While prices are given depending on the number of people hoping to stay there, we can assume that they’re quite high.

6. Maison Vitry from American Horror Story: Coven

Location: New Orleans, USA

Price: $395

Having appeared as Marie Laveau’s Cornrow City Salon, Maison Vitry dates back to 1855. It can now be rented on Airbnb with a minimum 3-night stay. You can either rent one bedroom of the house or the entire mansion, which is very popular among photographers and videographers from around the world.

7. Mountain Lake Lodge from Dirty Dancing

Location: Pembroke, Virginia, USA

Price: $124 — $316

Mountain Lake Lodge consists of 11 lodges, with the biggest one sleeping up to 8 people. It’s the Kellerman’s Mountain House where Johnny Castle and Baby first met each other and later fell in love. The lodge offers specified accommodations including dance lessons and other Dirty Dancing-related activities.

8. Shoshanna’s Tokyo loft apartment from Girls

Location: Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan

Price: $190

The Reversible Destiny Lofts were built back in 2005, made to accommodate up to 4 people. Anyone can rent them for a minimum 3-night stay. The most impressive feature of the lofts is a spherical yellow room that magically lights up when the sun enters.

9. The historic Albion Cottage from Murder, She Wrote

Location: Albion, California, USA

Price: $158 — $208

Used as Jessica Fletcher’s cottage in the fictional town of Cabot Cove, this historic site has been a bed and breakfast for decades now. It can accommodate up to 4 people and prices differ depending on the number of guests. It’s been said that during its broadcast the popular show helped bring over $2 million to the local economy.

10. The luxurious house from Breaking Bad

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Price: $195

This might not be Walter White’s house from the show, but it is the luxurious home that appeared in episode 3 of season 5. It’s a very luxurious and spacious house that can accommodate up to 17 people. The rates vary depending on the number of guests, but it always seems to have very limited availability.

11. The Golden Girls’ guest house

Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA

Price: $215

While the set of The Golden Girls was in a studio and doesn’t exist anymore, this little cottage in Ardmore has recreated many of the original set’s features. It used to be Rue McClanahan’s childhood property and the new owner has decorated all the rooms similar to the house shown on the famous TV show.

12. The rustic traditional windmill from The Bachelorette

Location: Nikithianos, Crete, Greece

Price: $70

The Bachelorette’s Season 15 finale took place in this beautiful windmill where Hannah B chose her final match. The windmill itself has 1 bedroom and can accommodate up to 4 people. It is usually reserved by couples for a romantic getaway, but families of 4 are also welcome.


The Highclere Castle from Downton Abbey

Location: Hampshire, England

Price: $150

While the castle is not available for people to book, it did offer a 1-night stay to a lucky couple back in 2019. The owners, Earl and Lady Carnarvon, invited the chosen couple to their castle where they offered them a royal experience. The winning couple had to convince the owners in a written letter that they were the most appropriate guests for their home.

What other famous homes from movies and TV series do you wish were available for renting? Share your dreams and hopes with us in the comments.


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I would want to go visit Bella's home
Even though I didn't very like the saga, her house looked so cozy 😍


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