12 Beauty Tricks That Make French Women Naturally Charming

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In every country, women have their own secrets for how to stay young and beautiful. But French women have the most natural charm in the world because they somehow manage to look 18 at the age of 42, like Audrey Tautou. Of course there are no universal tips that can help everyone, but French women definitely have some useful habits that help them stay charming at any age.

Bright Side has discovered the secrets of the beauty routine that almost all French women follow.

12. They don’t use contouring.

French women don’t like contouring because it hides the natural features of the face and looks unnatural. What they do love is a little bronzer on the cheeks to make themselves look fresh and shiny.

11. They don’t mind imperfection.

If you take a closer look at French women and their style, you will notice that almost all of them prefer a little messiness. It may be about hair, it may be about their accessories, like a scarf, or the way their clothes are sewn. This allows them to look natural and free, as if they don’t do anything special to look beautiful.

10. They prefer red lips.

You can always brighten up your appearance by using red lipstick. Women from Paris are completely convinced of this: it does not matter what your style is, you could be wearing torn jeans and a T-shirt or a dress with a huge hat. But adding red lipstick will immediately elevate any look.

9. They don’t get French manicures.

True French women never have “the perfect manicure” that took several hours to apply. Because this would send the message that you actually had to spend an immense amount of time, and money, on something so small.

Parisian women think that it is unnecessary, because they were already born beautiful and they are not going to spend hours on something so trivial. So, the most popular nail style among French women is short nails with clear polish or no polish at all. The same goes for their pedicure.

8. They have a hair styling secret.

French women prefer to not damage their hair and they don’t use a hair dryer or a flat iron every day. They mostly use expensive products — all of them have their favorite hair masks, and oil for their hair, and also a good hairbrush made of natural materials.

This is what they do to hair in France: they wash it and let it dry without a hair dryer, and the next day, when it becomes smooth, they style it.

7. Their makeup bag is not full of products.

French women have only 2 lipsticks: one natural color, and a red one for a great mood or an evening out.

They choose a light powder and a foundation to make their skin shine. But they don’t reapply it every hour, mostly so they don’t look like a wall with plaster on it. Healthy skin is supposed to shine just a little. They consider this is beautiful and natural.

Eye makeup only means mascara on the eyelashes. In the evening, they might add a messy, smoky eye effect. But it is supposed to be imperfect with that French element of messiness.

So, the 6 products in a French woman’s bag include: a good foundation, a powder with a shine, a mascara, an eyeliner, and 2 lipsticks. Now that’s an idea everyone should try!

6. They spend good money on haircuts.

Women in France are sure of one thing: you can wear €10 clothes and nobody will ever know that they are cheap, but get a cheap haircut once and your appearance will be completely ruined. This is why they are ready to pay a fortune to a good hairstylist and they go back to the same person for many years.

Also, a good haircut doesn’t need any fixing, so you don’t have to style your hair every day, only on very special occasions.

5. They have a simple beauty routine.

If there is one thing a French woman really needs it’s expensive cosmetics like a good face cleanser, a sunscreen, and a moisturizer. They will often add different oils for body and hair to this list.

In France, women live according to “the less is more” principle. They use just a few cosmetic products, but the ones they use are expensive.

So, when it comes to peels that are used all over the world, French women don’t really use them. They prefer masks, they use them really often, and they use a lot of different kinds — because good masks restore and rejuvenate the skin.

4. They believe in natural eyebrows.

You will never see a real French woman who has very heavy eyebrows that are an unnaturally dark color. Instead, they take good care of their eyebrows, making sure that they stay healthy, big, and thick.

They may put a little makeup on their eyebrows, but most of the time they don’t even do that. They just use some gel for styling.

3. They don’t diet.

Not a single French women in her right mind would ever start a diet. They are completely sure: the short-term effect of a calorie deficit is not only not worth the effort, but will also damage the skin because of the lack of vitamins.

For them, the main secret to having a beautiful body is eating a little. They eat anything they want, but not a lot of it. And when they feel that they are full, they just stop eating, not feeling forced to finish the meal.

However, French women do try to avoid an excess of sugar in their diet because it damages the skin. But they are not afraid of foods with a lot of fat.

2. They believe in the power of cold showers.

French women know about the importance of having a cold shower after a hot bath. This stimulates the blood circulation and helps to keep the skin toned. As a result, they always look fresh and cool.

1. They accept themselves as they are, flaws and all.

French women rarely need the services of plastic surgeons. It is very unlikely that you will meet an actress, a model, or a fashion blogger in Paris who has a fake nose, cheekbones, or lips that have fillers.

French women learn to accept themselves as they are, flaws and all. This is what makes them so different and alive. This is why French women are always able to highlight their advantages and their uniqueness.

Do you have your own tricks for how to stay beautiful that have been passed on from generation to generation? Share them with us!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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I just created an account to say that I've never seen bigger bs than this THING. They interviewed like 1 person and made a whole article out of it.
I don't know many french women who actually put or even own a lipstick THIS red. I know some women who do their eybrows, some who don't. And mostly, I've never seen a french woman who is intentionnally messy : even for hair, when it's a messy hairstyle, we do it do make it look perfectly messy (messy but controlled you know what I mean). This article is just pure bullshit. To look like a french woman, you have to be french and that's all. Many french women are black for exemple. You cannot like a nationnality I'm sorry. You can look for make up styles that are the most used by french women though.
It all sounds like me though I’m not French. The only thing that I never do is wearing foundation or powder .
I MUST have French Gene's- even though I'm originally from the South (USA), where an inch of makeup everyday is the LAW! I do it like those beautiful French ladies - maybe that's why I'm frequently told how young I look - I'm 72. French manicures have always looked phony, too.

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