12+ Designs That Are So Clever They Can Have All Our Money

3 years ago

From a hand warmer that lets you text your friends to a rug that will remind you of the good old days, some ideas really get to buyers’ hearts. They’re so creative yet useful, one can’t help but admire them.

Bright Side has found inventions that are so clever it’s hard to resist buying them.

1. Flat Tom rug

2. Medieval knight toilet paper holder

3. Crescent moon mirror

4. A self-weighing suitcase

5. Easter egg cookie maker

6. Sofa with a dog house

7. Transparent, texting-friendly hand warmer

8. Instant ramen cup bed for pets

9. Pokémon bookmarks

10. Sushi-shaped vegan soaps

11. Arcade light switch

12. Floating coffee cup sculpture

13. Maze bed to keep your cats entertained while you sleep

If you could have one of the items on our list for free, which one would you go for? Share these awesome inventions with your friends by tagging them below!


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Medieval Knight toilet roll holder.... Easter egg cookie mold.... and the coffee cup sculpture was great too!!


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