10+ Famous Men Who Are Not Afraid to Be Blunt About Their Body

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An unrealistic body image has been around for a long time, yet that doesn’t mean people are accepting it. And although it’s mostly women whose appearance is questioned, in recent years celebrity men have also been scrutinized by the public. But instead of ignoring the comments, some of them started speaking out against the idea of ’’a perfect body’.’

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

In 2014 paparazzi shots of DiCaprio at the beach surfaced online and he was criticized for his lack of a 6-pack. Although the actor didn’t react publicly to the teasing, we can imagine that for a star like DiCaprio, people discussing his weight is probably the least of his concerns.

Perhaps DiCaprio’s self-esteem won’t be affected much by these comments, but they will probably make average men question their appearance. We also remember how the famous actor encouraged Kate Winslet to accept her physique a long time ago when they worked on Titanic.

2. Vin Diesel

Invision/Invision/East News

Even men with impeccable physiques like Vin Diesel cannot escape being scrutinized. In 2015, photos showing his stomach appeared online and people were commenting on them constantly.

In his Instagram post about the negative comments, Diesel wrote: ’’It is amazing the response from the journalists who I have been talking to for the last 2 days in New York. Today one wanted to see the dad bod. Haha. I am wondering if I should show the picture... Body-shaming is always wrong! What do you think?’’

3. Channing Tatum


Instead of waiting for the paparazzi to catch him shirtless, Channing Tatum went ahead and confessed that he gained weight after the birth of his daughter in 2013. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen jokingly asked the Magic Mike to show his muscles, but Tatum responded, "You definitely don’t want that right now. Right now — what me and my wife like to call it — I am very fappy. I’m very fat and happy right now.’’

4. Jason Momoa

In 2019, the good-looking actor Jason Momoa was criticized on social networks after his vacation pictures surfaced. Despite his overall good looks, online commenters couldn’t help but point out Momoa’s rounded belly. Still, quite a lot of people were displeased and confused by this, with average men complaining that they now ’’lost confidence’’ in their appearance.

But Momoa continued posting his vacation photos on social media, appearing completely unbothered by the rude reactions. When reporters asked him if he was offended by the comments, he simply said: ’’No. Not at all,’’ and nonchalantly added: ’’Tell TMZ I’ll show ‘em my dad bod soon.’’

5. Wentworth Miller

Miller was the subject of a meme that focused on the changes in his physical appearance. The post showed a picture of the actor’s very skinny figure in Prison Break next to another photo of him several years later, looking like a normal person, with the caption implying that he gained a lot of weight. The actor shared the post soon after and added a comment about his past struggles with depression and food:

’’Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time. This one, however, stands out from the rest,’’ he wrote. He also mentioned that in 2010 he struggled with depression and found relief in the form of food: ’’I put on weight. So what?’’ the actor concluded.

6. Jonah Hill

Actor Jonah Hill got so fed up with comments on his body that at one point he decided to politely ask everyone to stop sharing their opinion on his physical appearance. Hill shared a post on Instagram where he asked people to refrain from commenting on his weight loss, no matter if their views were positive or negative: ’’I know you mean well but I kindly ask that you not comment on my body. Good or bad, I want to politely let you know it’s not helpful and doesn’t feel good. Much respect,’’ he wrote.

7. Richard Madden

Game of Thrones star Richard Madden admitted that he doesn’t feel comfortable shooting ’’unnecessary’’ shirtless scenes because he believes those kinds of movies project ’’a very unrealistic body image.’’ He said in one interview: ’’I find myself with actor friends — after we’ve done a kind of barely eating, working-out-twice-a-day, no-carbing thing for these scenes — looking at each other going: ’We’re just feeding the same things that we’re against.’"

8. John Boyega

Boyega criticized the constant demand for perfection in the movie industry. He wonders why there is the need to always cast ’’muscular and ripped’’ actors in leading roles. With his production company, John Boyega wants to create movies that portray people realistically and are inclusive of people with different body types: ’’It’s about rebranding the way in which we are fed a false narrative of perfection,’’ the actor said.

9. Matt McGorry

Considering that McGorry used to be a bodybuilder and a personal trainer, he’s experienced this type of scrutiny more than once. Orange is the New Black actor explained: ’’I would never say that the objectification women face on a broad scale isn’t a thousand times greater than that of men.’’

When he had his first shirtless scene in the popular TV show, he immediately thought he had to lose some weight: ’’I did some unhealthy crash dieting. Now I look back and I think that’s really sad. It has required some loud self-narrating to challenge my own ideas of body image,’’ McGorry admitted.

10. Dwayne ’’The Rock’’ Johnson

JRP / WENN/agefotostock/East News

The famous actor confessed in one interview that one of the times he felt most uncomfortable in his own skin was when he was asked to lose weight and start dieting. This happened early in his acting career as he was transitioning from the world of professional wrestling to becoming an actor. Back then he was also told to let go of his ’’wrestling persona’’ and to reinvent himself entirely.

’’You buy into that, as I did. Until...one of 2 things are going to happen: You’re either gonna continue going down that road and you’re gonna be miserable. And eventually, your career is probably gonna fizzle out, you’re not gonna have any sense of longevity or quality to it. Or, you’re gonna say ’I’m gonna be me, and we’re gonna see what happens,’" Johnson said.

11. 50 Cent

After his performance in Super Bowl 2022 halftime show, the famous hip-hopper was criticized for his appearance. People on social networks were comparing his body at that time to his physique when he was 28-year-old, and many of the commenters couldn’t help but make fun of him, saying that he “looks like a full dollar now.” But the music star played it cool, saying: “They’re just teasing me because they know I can drop the weight.

12. Ben Affleck

A 2018 article about Affleck’s physical appearance, including his tattoo and belly, caused a ton of reactions online. It also made Affleck himself respond to it with a Twitter post saying he’s doing “just fine.” The said article used paparazzi photos of the actor and in a very insensitive manner talked about his body. Luckily, people on the Internet sided with Ben and showed their support for the actor.

13. Sam Smith

Sam Smith is known for their fight in dealing with body image issues. They opened up about it by saying, “Always be at war with this mirror,” but they decided to fight back. “Reclaim my body and stop trying to change this chest and these hips and these curves that my mom and dad made and that I love so unconditionally.”

In an interview, Sam Smith also talked about how they had suffered from body dysmorphia and how they managed to get over it. When they came off a tour at 25, when they thought about role models, they would feel self-conscious every time they went to the pool. They forced themselves to take off their top, and it paid off. And that was their turning point with their self-image.

Please note: This article was updated in April 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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