12 Mistakes That Make Us Look Bad in Beach Photos

We all want vacation pictures that look cool enough to show to our friends and post on social media. Yet, as a rule, ridiculous posture or the wrong angle can make us want to hide most of the pictures in the depths of our gadgets’ memories.

#12. The “double” leg

Wrong. The legs are in the same line, creating an effect of a "wide" leg and spoiling a beautiful picture.

Correct. One leg is above the other. Both legs are easily seen, don’t merge, and look graceful.

#11. Knees facing the camera

Wrong. When the knees face the camera, the body and limbs look short.

Correct. The half-turned position emphasizes the curves, and the legs are clearly seen.

#10. A view from the top

Wrong. A view from above disrupts the proportions of the face. The neck disappears, and everything becomes heavy.

Correct. Take a photo at eye level. This will maintain the proportions, and the neck will be clearly seen.

#9. Emphasis not on the face

Wrong. Because of the wrong angle, the neck may seem unnatural, and the body may look shapeless.

Correct. The same position from a different angle. Focus on the face. The model will also feel more comfortable in this pose.

#8. Too close to the water

Wrong. If the chin is too close to the water, the neck will disappear, and the proportions of the face will be broken.

Correct. There should be at least 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) between the chin and the water. Then the neck will be clearly seen, and all attention will be turned to the face.

#7. On the knees

Wrong. This pose can make your waist and the lower part of your legs "disappear." It looks bad and unnatural.

Correct. The half-turn position will create curved lines and emphasize beautiful shapes.

#6. Soldier position

Wrong. This pose deprives the body of curves, the person looks angular, and the knees completely disappear.

Correct. A slightly turned position emphasizes body curves, and the correct position of the legs makes them slimmer and longer.

#5. Feet facing the camera

Wrong. The more the foot is directed into the camera, the shorter the legs will seem.

Correct. It’s better to turn a little. Then you’ll get beautiful, clear, curved lines.

#4. The same pictures

Wrong. Like it or not, a sitting position isn’t always good.

Correct. The half-lying pose is a good alternative. Slightly crossed feet make the model in the frame even more elegant.

#3. Knees close to the chest

Wrong. The closer the legs are to the chest, the more it violates the proportions of the body.

Correct. The half-lying position, where one leg is in front of the other, perfectly emphasizes the elegant lines of the body.

#2. Fully leaning on things

Wrong. When the hand supports the head, it makes the picture heavy, and the person looks tired.

Correct. Don’t put your whole body on a lounger. Join the knees together, and rest on a slightly bent arm.

#1. Not watching your posture

Wrong. Because of poor posture, a belly appeared and the neck disappeared.

Correct. Don’t slouch. All you need to make the pose more elegant is to straighten your back. And this rule works not only during photo shoots.


Of course, there are lots of posing rules. Yet don’t forget that the main thing in a good photo is not a perfect pose, body, or angle: it’s emotions. A wrong pose with a bright, sincere, and emotional picture will please others and get into your personal memory album.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Photographer Roman Zakharchenko, model Lera Mayer for Bright Side


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