11 Things Millennials Do That Aren’t Cool Anymore According to Gen Z

3 years ago

Young people from the Gen Z generation have different taste than their predecessors, the millennials, and they use every social media platform to be vocal about this. According to Gen Z, skinny jeans and side-parts are canceled, and instead, baggy jeans and middle-parts are trendy right now. And these are not the only things that Gen Z is trying to change.

Bright Side compared the preferences of millennials with the ones of Gen Z, and we couldn’t help but notice that tastes are very different when it comes to each generation.

1. They wear their hair parted to the side.

Gen Z believes that the middle part is the best way to wear your hair, and it also shows more self-confidence. Millennials on the other hand are fans of side-parts and this fact will not change anytime soon, according to representatives of this generation. It’s not all the millennials though, others are quite impressed by the nuances of the younger generation.

2. They (still) wear skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans should be put in the back of the closet... or at least this is what Gen Z wants from the millennials. They feel that baggy jeans are the future, but millennials are not quite ready to give up this infamous pair of pants.

3. They use the word “adulting.”

The word “adulting” is used quite a lot by millennials, a fact that was very much noticed by the Gen Z generation. In comparison, millennials seem to enjoy having their own lingo and they don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.

4. They like to show off their Harry Potter knowledge.

Gen Z youngsters are not the biggest fans of Harry Potter movies or books, but they did notice that their predecessors liked this phenomenon a lot. On the flip side, millennials say that the magic of Hogwarts is part of their childhood and it even influenced their personality.

5. They like to take selfies from above.

Selfies from above are a millennial thing and they are not Gen Z’s cup of tea. The younger generation also wonders why millennials like to look at the screen, not at the camera when they take a selfie. Millennials gave them the answer: because they want to see what they look like. Even taking a selfie seems to be more a millennial thing.

6. They like pizza (not pineapple though) and it’s already a personality trait.

Gen Z people think they have to live with the idea that liking pizza is a personality trait because millennials love pizza. Not any pizza though. The one with pineapple on it is a “no-go” for people born before 1996.

7. They say “I did a thing” too much.

Apparently “I did a thing” is a typical millennial sentence, so Gen Z doesn’t want to hear it that often. It is so common that even some representatives of the younger generation catch themselves saying it.

8. They are obsessed with coffee.

Coffee seems to be millennial’s number one choice when it comes to drinks. Having said that, things have changed over the past few years, and mainly because of Gen Z. The younger generation now prefers iced tea, bubble tea, milk tea, or other variations of these drinks.

9. They like... bacon.

Gen Z can’t really understand why millennials created so much hype around bacon or foods that include bacon. Moreover, the younger generation reportedly prefers plant-based or wholesome foods. They eat meatless once or twice a week and they expect to have fresh food at most meals.

10. They use this emoji everywhere: 😂.

Millennials love the crying laugh emoji. But, according to the younger generation, that specific emoji is outdated. What should the millennials use instead? Well, Gen Z proposes the sparkle emoji, which they use everywhere.

11. They wear tank tops.

Besides skinny jeans, tank tops under V-necks are another fashion statement that Gen Z-ers just can’t take any longer. What do they prefer instead? Crop tops would be their number one choice.

Which generation do you belong to? Will you change your habits according to the trends?


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i rly don't care for this who f cares about what millennials do, what gen Z do, WTH.....


ima a genz and practly every girl at my high school wears skinny jeans but their different now just alittle tho


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