12 Must-Haves to Help You Finally Organize Your Kitchen

11 months ago

We spend around 5,000 hours of our lives searching for missing things around the house. And, yeah, we get stressed and anxious when we can’t find what we’re looking for. That’s why you can start with small steps immediately and get an easy solution for one of the most important rooms in your home. Today, we suggest organizing your kitchen — check out the list of products we’ve prepared for you.

1. A compact cutlery organizer that will make even the messiest drawers neat and each item easily accessible. It has overlapping compartments that will allow you to store your stuff in less than half the space of a conventional tray.

Also, this organizer has non-slip feet and cutlery icons for easy identification, which is a nice touch. It’s suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 3¼ inches (~8 cm).

Promising review: Excellent design and quality, as expected from a brand like Joseph Joseph. It organizes all of my everyday use cutlery and knives in my kitchen, even though we have young children who keep on throwing things here and there. It is surprisingly still clean after months. It is a sturdy organizer which is built to last with heavy-duty plastic. It keeps drawers clean. I am very impressed and satisfied. @Baz

2. A set of 8 organizers will help you fight the mess in your fridge and finally see tidy and organized shelves. The built-in handles and transparent design will make it easy for you to find the products you need without the need to dig into the back of your fridge or freezer.

The set includes 4 large and 4 small drawers. Note that they aren’t dishwasher safe. To clean them, use mild detergent and water.

The good news is that these organizers are pretty versatile. You can use them to store your spices or even cleansers and bathroom stuff:

Promising review: We have a small fridge, and things got all cluttered and hard to find. Small containers, bagged items, and condiments were just a pain to try to move around to make space or to make sure they didn’t fall out if you were reaching for something in the back.
These containers helped organize things and keep them from falling out of the fridge if they got bumped. The unit is easy to slide in and out to grab what you need.
I even put some of these in my pantry to hold all those spice jars and small packages. They work great!! @Jen Mayer

3. A holder that will finally let you organize your cutting boards, bakeware pans, lids, cookie sheets, and food wrap in the kitchen, and free space for cool kitchen gadgets. All you have to do is to find the perfect place for it. You can put it over the cabinet, mount it to the door inside the cabinet, or mount it to the wall. By the way, you can also use it in the bathroom to keep your stuff clutter-free.

It’s a good idea to measure your cabinet doors to avoid buying something that doesn’t fit. The holder’s dimensions are 13.5’’ (34.3 cm) in length by 9.5’’ (24.1 cm) in height by 3.62’’ (9.2 cm) in depth. The over-the-door height is 18.5’’ (47 cm). All screws and anchors are included in the package.

Happy buyer’s review:
Things I liked:
Lots of storage. The basket was larger than expected. I fit 2 cutting boards, 1 pizza pan, and a small cookie sheet in this basket with room to spare.
Sturdy. This is a basket with a heavy metal frame, and mine seems to be well-welded. I haven’t noticed any structural issues with the basket, and it seems to be pretty strong.
Easy to assemble. I chose to attach the over-the-door hooks because I wanted to hang it in my cabinet. The basket comes with 2 sets of screws, one for hanging the basket with the arms and one for attaching it to the cabinet.
Saves space. I don’t have to find a place for my cutting boards. I can also easily grab the one I want, rather than having them stacked and having to dig for the one I want. You can put more than just cutting boards in this basket. It makes grabbing the things you need more convenient.

Things I didn’t like:
Larger than expected. This is both a like & a dislike. I certainly like that I have more storage than expected, but this basket only fits in one of my cabinets. I would not recommend it if you have small cabinets, unless you plan on hanging it on the side of your fridge, in which case the size doesn’t matter. @J_b-rock

4. A pan rack that will become a total game-changer in your kitchen cabinets. All your pans and lids will be very easy to access, rather than being stacked in one heap.

The rack accommodates up to 5 pans with vertical installation (or 4 pans with horizontal installation).

Promising review: I have a small apartment. This works well for helping me stack my pans while allowing easy access without having to lift them all out to get the one I want. It’s lightweight but strong enough to handle my cast iron pan. @Ginny J

5. A versatile organizer that will keep your cutting boards, bakeware, trays, and cookie sheets in one place. It’ll surely save you lots of time and frustration when looking for the correct one in your Narnia cabinets.

The organizer features 7 adjustable dividers that will keep your stuff upright and separated, so you can quickly see and grab the one you need. The dividers are coated with a special powder, so you don’t have to worry that your bakeware will get scratched. And its soft and non-slip feet will hold the rack in place.

Promising review: I’d seen these stackers for a while and contemplated them for far too long before trying one. I shouldn’t have. They are brilliant. Very sturdy, with adjustable widths to accommodate different trays and baking sheets. I no longer fight with a stack of them, trying to get the one I need from the bottom of the pile. Excellent. Buy one, you won’t regret it. @rosebud

6. An under-sink sliding basket will make your cabinets more useful. With it, you will just need to pull out the drawer instead of taking out everything in front to get to the items you need. Also, there will be less wasted space under your sink.

You can use it for different spaces and needs — a bathroom, kitchen, or even a laundry room if you have one.

Promising review: No more getting on your knees to get things from the back of the cabinet! The drawer easily slides and can fit a lot of things. @Johnni O

7. A rack that can fit up to 36 cans or jars of different sizes. To store even more cans, you can simply get multiple sets and stack them together. With it, you’ll be able to see all the cans easily without having to move things around.

Before buying this rack, make sure to measure the space you are going to use it in.

Promising review: We shop at a club, and there is no room in the cupboards for all these cans. I bought 3 of these, and I am happy with the purchase. They were easy to put together, and they stack. @DENISE E MILLER

8. If you’re a list person and love planning your weekly meals ahead of time, this pad is a must-have for you! All you have to do is to think of the dishes you’re going to cook and round up your shopping list. The shopping list section is perforated, so you can easily tear it off and bring it with you.

The set comes with 60 lists and 2 magnets, so you can easily hang it on the fridge.

Promising review: Very nice product. The thickness of the cardboard backing is very sturdy. It has not flopped like similar products that I have had. The quality of the paper is excellent, making it very durable. You just tear off the grocery list, fold it, and clip a pen to it. Place it in your purse or pocket. And you are good to go! This has stopped the arguments about “what are we having for dinner” and “where did you put the grocery list.” Thank you for a very nice product. I will definitely buy a new one when we have almost finished this one. @Katherine J. Kody

9. A storage tower that is the perfect way to utilize tight spaces in your home. You’ll be able to effortlessly roll it out to get the stuff you need.

If your laundry room is cluttered with unsightly detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, and other cleaning stuff, making your room look untidy, this tower is an ideal solution. Just slide it in between the washing machine and the wall or any other right space you find that works.

In the kitchen, it will perfectly fit between the fridge and the wall. Note that the tower is made of plastic, so putting it next to anything that may get hot is not recommended.

Promising review: This product is fantastic. A small space next to my freezer was wasted. Purchased this trolley to store squash and other bits. Perfect item and very strong. @Lisa

10. A set of containers that look very sleek and clean and will help you keep dry products fresh, and your pantry organized. Push the button on the lid, and it’ll activate the airtight silicone seal. PLUS, the button can be used as a handle for the lid.

The set includes 10 containers in different sizes. They are dishwasher safe.

Promising review: I’ve been slowly accumulating OXO containers in my pantry. This box doubled my collection in one fell swoop! I’ve been buying the bigger sizes and wasn’t sure I would use the small ones in this box, but I was surprised. I could actually use even more of the small units. I like to cut out labels from the original packaging to make it even easier to see what’s “in stock.” If you want to keep things organized & fresh, use OXO containers. @GGR17

11. These woven baskets will help you reorganize your space with minimal effort. Each basket is handcrafted with ingenuity using 100% quality paper rope, making it an environmental storage option.

The set includes 3 baskets in different sizes. All of them can be used separately, and they all fit in drawers, on shelves, in luggage boxes, in cabinets, and in other places. They are lightweight, durable, and portable to allow you to easily adjust their uses.

Yeah, your kitchen isn’t the only space where these baskets can be used. You can keep your cosmetics and bathroom stuff in them, or use them to organize your under-sink drawers.

Promising review: I love these storage baskets. They are very attractive, and while not robust, they are perfect for light storage, which is what I wanted. I wish they had a larger size too. @Lynne

12. This egg holder will not only ruin your cute-o-meter, but will also serve as a convenient solution for storing eggs in the fridge. Up to 6 eggs can be placed between the paws of the bears, and it can be securely left on the shelves.

But this isn’t the only advantage of this holder. You can also prepare breakfast for your family with less effort. Simply clamp the eggs between the bears’ paws and put the whole thing in boiling water. Once the eggs are ready, remove them from the water by pulling up the holder by the heat-resistant holder.

Promising review: This is not only fun, it’s totally functional! The eggs stay in place during boiling, so no more bouncing around and cracking! They are easy to remove from the boiling water, as well! I’m so happy with this purchase! @Shelley Niedzwiecki

What does the house of your dreams look like? If you could add one more room to the place where you currently live in, what room would it be?

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