12 Ordinary Items That Bring Our Kitchen Back to the Stone Age

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3 years ago

We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen: we cook, have lunch, clean up, talk to friends over a cup of tea. Sometimes we use the same items for years and forget about old and unnecessary ones. So gradually, our kitchen gets cluttered. And we don’t notice it because we just get used to it.

At Bright Side, we believe that our kitchen can become much less cluttered if we remove those unnecessary items that most of us simply don’t use.

1. Old cutting boards

Any wooden or plastic cutting board will wear out over time. It gets covered with scratches, cuts, and even stubborn food stains. This leads to the growth of fungi and bacteria on the surface. It’s always best to get rid of these boards.

2. Disposable containers and packaging

Many foods in the supermarket are sold in a convenient package that we don’t throw away, but that we store in a cabinet or under the sink. We think, “Maybe it will come in handy.” But in fact, we never end up using it afterward. Apparently, we inherited this habit from our grandparents.

3. Old frying pans with scratches and an unremovable layer of grease

Every time meat or anything else gets burnt in our favorite frying pan, we blame the poor non-stick coating. Every day we promise ourselves, “I’m going to buy a new one, and throw this one away.” But we never do it. Deep scratches on the bottom are the first sign that the surface of the frying pan can no longer perform its function efficiently.

4. Multiple bags with dry food

After another visit to the grocery store, we automatically leave all cereals, pasta, and other dry foods in their packages. As a rule, we use the contents of these packages only partly, while the rest remains on the shelf. Eventually, we end up with a nice collection of unfinished bags. It’s best to store dry food in special containers. They are convenient, and the food will be better preserved in these jars.

5. Drinking straws, finger food skewers, and other decorations

Drinking straws or umbrellas that were bought a long time ago tend to collect dust in kitchen cabinets or drawers. Most likely, they were only used 1 to 2 times for their intended purpose. Undoubtedly, they look festive and, perhaps, will come in handy someday. But let’s be realistic — these accessories will continue to take up space in our kitchen.

6. Wicker baskets

When we receive guests, we want to decorate our table in style. That is why we buy a variety of wicker baskets and plates. One for bread, another for pastries, and so on. But over time these items just end up collecting dust in cabinets.

7. Different skimmers and spatulas

If you look at all your kitchen utensils closely and ask yourself, “Which of these do I really need?” you’ll understand that most of them can be easily thrown away. What do you really use every day?

8. Improperly stored spices and herbs

At first glance, it seems that it’s convenient to keep numerous spices and herbs in various packages that you have on hand, so you try to arrange them somewhere out in the open. But don’t forget that every food has a shelf life. Moreover, we usually use only certain spices and herbs. Thus, it’s best to get rid of unnecessary bags and containers with spices and herbs.

9. The mugs that our grandparents used

Some of us probably inherited these mugs from our grandparents, and we keep them as souvenirs. But if you treat every item in your kitchen this way, your house will turn into a museum of unnecessary exhibits. These mugs, of course, can be nostalgic, but there is no point in actually using them.

10. Old cutlery

Old spoons and forks that no one has used for a long time usually lie idle. Even if they are not kept in plain sight, this doesn’t mean they belong in the kitchen. Also, we are unlikely to serve the table with old cutlery when we host a guest.

11. A pile of newspapers on the fridge

When buying groceries, we often grab a fresh newspaper to read the news or laugh at the latest jokes. However, some of us have developed the habit of keeping old newspapers on the refrigerator, thinking that they will come in handy one day. As a result, this pile of paper ruins the look of our kitchen and collects a lot of dust.

12. A set of knives

There are different types of kitchen knives, and each of them has its own purpose. We tend to buy these sets in order to simplify the cooking process. However, over time, you end up with one favorite knife because it fits well in your hand, and you can cut everything with it while the rest of the knives remain idle.

What would you get rid of in your kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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I love cooking so a set of knives is my best friend on the kitchen sorry guys :)


Other than the old cup and cutting board, I use almost everything you suggest throwing away. Don't people mash potatoes anymore?


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