12 People Who Don’t Care What Others Think About Their Solutions

4 years ago

We all strive to find the best solutions as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is easy for everyone. The people in these photos aren’t concerned about the consequences and they don’t care what others will think of them — they just do what they want. And such an easy-going approach to life is something that can even be envied!

We at Bright Side decided to share photos of people who couldn’t care less about what others think. At the end of the article, there is a bonus proving that there are people that don’t think about consequences at all.

12. “Buying cat glasses on Amazon turned out to be the best $5-investment of my life.”

11. “Would you hold my gun, please?”

10. Not the most sensible solution, especially when a policeman is watching you...

9. How and why?

8. Sometimes even the most basic things require instructions...

7. It’s all about comfort.

6. When you need this position very much but you don’t have an appropriate 3×4 cm photo with you:

Translation: “Application. Fill in the form in detail. Shop assistant.”

5. The owners didn’t spend much time on the name...

Translation: “Skirts and trousers. Business clothes.”

4. One morning, you’ll wake up and realize just how big of a mistake you’ve made...

3. “I decided to experiment and added a little halva to the cake.”

2. Racing in a garbage can is a promising sport.

1. Camping

Bonus: when you don’t care about consequences at all:

Do you tend to be more easy-going or do you often worry about what others think of you? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Scut36/twitter


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