12 People Who Faced a Moral Dilemma and Asked the Internet for Judgment

8 months ago

Life often presents us with the choice of pleasing others or standing up for ourselves, of choosing personal aspirations or good relations with relatives, of defending our position or letting things go. These are some stories of people who faced such dilemmas and wondered if they made the right decision. Which side do you support?

  • I have a daughter. I had her when I was very young and her father was never in the picture. My older sister and her husband have helped me a lot. Raising my daughter alone and going to college would have been impossible without them. They pay for my daughter to go to the same private school as their kids.
    I recently got married, and my husband has three daughters. They go to our local public school. Last night he told me that he thinks it isn’t fair that my daughter goes to a private school while his daughters have to go to public school. He said that next year I need to either send my daughter to public school or ask my BIL to pay for his daughters to go to private school. I told him that I’m not doing that. He got mad at me. Am I wrong? © Haunting-Candy-6099 / Reddit
  • My kids are grown up, and I’m a widow. I converted my garage into a legal guest house with everything a person needs for when the kids visit. Independent washroom, kitchen, everything. My parents have recently asked me if they can move in with me. I agreed.
    When they arrived, they were confused as to why we were moving their stuff into the garage. I told them that was where they were staying. They said that they thought they could move into my house since I have five bedrooms. I explained that I actually have two bedrooms since one room is my office where I see clients, one is my private office, and one is my hobby room. The spare bedroom is mostly for my mutts.
    They said that they wanted to live in the house not out in the garage. I said it was a take-it-or-leave-it situation. If they didn’t want the garage they could move into a nursing home or something. Am I wrong? © Old_Programmer_56*** / Reddit
  • My wife and I have always dreamed of celebrating our 40th anniversary with a luxurious vacation. Our adult daughter Jane and her husband got wind of our plans and promptly invited themselves and their two children along. I originally put my foot down and told them this trip was just for us which upset her some. But my wife has a hard time saying no to Jane, so she reluctantly agreed to let them join.
    So we decided on an all-inclusive family-friendly resort. I paid for the resort and our grandchildren’s plane tickets. Jane and her husband only had to pay for their own airfare. Later I switched our tickets last minute to go to the romantic destination that my wife and I had originally planned for. We called Jane after we landed to tell her, and she was extremely upset, to say the least. She seemed of the idea that we were going to look after our grandkids so she and her husband could have alone time and now that I abandoned her they would have to do it all themselves.
    I hung up on them when my son-in-law started shouting and my wife and I enjoyed the rest of our trip. They came back the same day we did but have not answered any of our texts and Jane seems to be ignoring me despite my having paid for their family trip. Am I right? © Flat-Blueberry-44*** / Reddit
  • My birthday was a few days ago and the party was scheduled for the day after. I have been planning for weeks and invited all my friends. I bought the food, snacks and drinks and picked up my custom-made cake which I was really excited about, it was just perfect. The night before the party, I noticed that my cake which was in the fridge had a huge slice missing.
    When I asked my dad, he shrugged and nonchalantly said that my sister was crying for it, and it was just a small piece, my friends wouldn’t notice. I yelled at him asking him why he would do something like that when it wasn’t even bought with his money and that my sister could have waited for tomorrow. I ended up calling the party off. One of my friends told me it was an overreaction. Am I right? © GuardSpecific2058 / Reddit
  • I am a housewife now. The first time I met my son’s girlfriend, and I told her I was a homemaker, she told me that’s not a job, and it was lazy of me. I met her 30 minutes before that. I told her if it happened again I would ask her to leave and the comments stopped for a bit.
    They were over for a dinner party, and I was talking about how I made the pie for tonight. Beth made a comment that of course, I had enough time since I don’t work. I had enough and told her I had enough. I get that she is jealous of me since she has to work, but she needs to get out, and she is not welcome back.
    My son and she called me a jerk for kicking them out. Not working doesn’t equal lazy. I am not loafing around the house all day. I get up to do all the chores, take care of all the paperwork, go to gym, take the dogs out, make homemade meals every day, volunteer and so on. Was I wrong? © Additional_Bad_1355 / Reddit
  • I have grown up to be very social and career-oriented and really value education. My husband is the same and that’s how we really connected with each other. My SIL however has a different mindset.
    We recently bought a new house. His sister absolutely loved the house and said she would move some of her daughter’s stuff here (in the extra room) because we have too much space, and she doesn’t want to carry it whenever she comes. I really didn’t get the logic and politely declined. Anyway, it’s been 4 months since we bought the house, and she’s come a total of 53 days (yes I counted!) Most of the time she comes unannounced and says “I was visiting someone, or I was in the neighborhood”.
    When she left last week, I packed a box of all her things which she very conveniently “forgets” in our guest bedroom and shipped it to her place. She got very, very angry and called me and started screaming at me. I told her to stop overreacting and stop considering our house as hers and that she’s no longer welcome. She called my in-laws and literally every person we know and told them we were being selfish. Our phones have been buzzing with texts and calls saying how inconsiderate we are and that what we did was wrong. Am I wrong? © Prestigious_Nose_188 / Reddit
  • Five months ago I took in a cat, Mina. Mina belonged to my younger sister’s friend, who I’ll call H, who was moving to another city/state with her boyfriend. They weren’t able to take Mina with them, and H needed to rehome Mina. I have a cat, Atlas who is very chill, so I offered to take in Mina.
    H was very grateful, and Mina was very anxious when I first got her, but she’s since come out of her shell and bonded with both me, Atlas, and my girlfriend. H recently announced she and her BF have broken up, and she’s moved back to town. H contacted me and asked for Mina back since it’s “been only a few months.” I refused. H got angry and called me a ’cat thief’. Am I wrong? © unilateralcats / Reddit
  • I gave birth to my first baby recently. After 21 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing, my son was born, and we let my parents know. Immediately they asked for photos. My husband and I decided not to send photos of our baby to anyone until we got home. I was exhausted, but my parents kept calling me and my husband.
    They made me cry, and my mother said that she had been crying all day and waiting for photos was “torture”. They were very offended by us, because everyone sends photos of their babies, and we didn’t. But I feel that they don’t care about my condition after childbirth, and they disrespect our decision. Am I overreacting? © HualeyLupin / Reddit
  • I am married for the second time and have a 15-year-old son and a 17-year-old stepdaughter. She used to snack on biscuits and crisps all the time, but after she was teased at school for being overweight, she went on a diet and started exercising. I supported her as much as I could.
    But one day when my son was eating crisps, she became furious and started demanding that he throw them away because she was trying to lose weight! I told him he could eat them and if she didn’t like it, she could go to another room. No-one has to follow her diet. She complained to her mum, and now she’s sending me angry texts. My husband agrees with me, but I started to wonder if I should have been more gentle with my stepdaughter. © Mobile_Watercress_12 / Reddit
  • I’m eight months pregnant and have done a general cleaning to get the house ready for the baby. I put some of my stuff in a large suitcase. It’s heavy, and I asked my husband to put it away. I have repeated the request many times, but he is too tired from work.
    One night I got up to go to the bathroom, tripped over the suitcase and fell. The fall did not hurt the baby, but my husband is angry and thinks I did it on purpose to prove him wrong. My mum agrees with my husband and says I’m making a fuss over nothing. Is that right? © MicrowaveMen / Reddit
  • My boyfriend and I had been together for 3 years when his family planned an annual trip to a place I had always wanted to go. I asked my boyfriend’s mum if I could come along if I covered my own expenses. She said, “Sorry, it’s a family trip, and you’re not part of the family”.
    Recently I was cooking chili peppers and my boyfriend’s mum wanted to know the recipe. I said it was a secret family recipe, and she didn’t belong to the family. My boyfriend thinks I was mean to her. Is that right? © sml674 / Reddit
  • My fiancé’s mother is a control freak. She decided everything for him, from his clothes to his choices, until he was 17. She always claimed that she would plan his wedding and that whoever he ended up with would “just have to go along with it.”
    She immediately told me what our wedding would be like and sent me photos of various wedding dresses. I strongly refused, and she got very mad. It seems that I spoiled her dream! But I want to have my say in my own wedding! Am I wrong? © Oliverjenkis / Reddit

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